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Frequently Asked Pre-Sales Questions...
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How Do I ...

Question: How do I enter ground outs, fly outs, and fielders choice?  Answer:  In the Game Form under the Batting Tab there is a small icon that looks like a field,  click it to bring up outs and hit to locations.

Question: Can I make up my own stats?  Answer: Yes, any stat that appears in red in the Game Form can be changed.  However you cannot make or change the stat calculations.

Question: How can I create a lineup with a designated hitter batting for someone else? Answer:  Drag the player who will DH to the area of the field layout near the on deck circle.  You will see the DH, EH and Pinch Hitter options available.  Drop the player on DH.  Place the player in the batting order directly after the player he/she is DHing for and then make a lineup card.  It will look like the one below.

  Pos  Name # Substitutes
1 LF Don Trifari 1  
2 2B Bill Miller  13  
3 SS Ed Emerson  3  
  DH Doug Vanderzee 20  
4 3B Todd Nicholas 5  

Question: What is a Save?  Answer: A pitcher gets credited with a save if he/she enters the game with his team leading by 3 runs or less and pitches one full inning or enters the game with the potential tying run on base, at bat or  in the on deck circle.  He must pitch the remainder of the game in which his team never gives up the lead and wins.  A save can also be awarded if the pitcher enters the game with his team ahead and pitches effectively for 3 innings and he was the last pitcher in the game.

Question: With the ProSeries, how do I print a game report breaking down batting vs righty/lefty pitching?  Answer: You must create a Team Report and use the Advance Report options to set the game from and to dates to isolate an individual game. Standard game reporting will only print total batting, pitching and fielding reports.

Question: How come some players have pitching totals that don't add up to the totals of the individual games?  Answer: In order to display the pitching totals for a game a pitcher must have at least 1 batter faced in the game.  If you enter the stats but do not enter a batter faced, the pitcher's stats for the game will be skipped or just the righty or lefty stats will be skipped. However the totals will show up which will include the stats that are not displayed.

Question: Why does the ball field shrink when I animate plays? The players are off the field.  Answer: Switch from Large Fonts to small fonts.  Set to Small Fonts in the Display Properties-Settings-Advanced section of your Windows Operating System.

Question: How do I export to HTML or post my stats on the InternetAnswer:  Press the Stat Viewer icon or create any Team or Player report.  While in the Stat Viewer select the Menu  File>Make a Website.  That will give you several options on creating linked HTML files.  After the html files are created you will see the FTP form where you can preview the HTML pages or enter a website location to upload the files to.

Tip 1:  If you want to email an HTML file use the PREVIEW button in the FTP screen.  After Internet Explorer opens the report choose File>Send>Email

Tip 2: If you want to view baserunning stats in the HTML then: Exit out of the Stat Viewer: then click the Stat Viewer Icon to reopen it without any report showing.  Then use the make a website command and the Stat Filter will pop up and you can click baserunning there before you make the reports.  This is a bug but the work around above will fix it.

Stat Calculation Questions:

Some users challenge some of our stat calculations.  We assure you that we use the Official Rules and all our calculations have been tested and are accurate. Some challenged calculations are:

Question: How come a Fielder's Choice does not help On base% ?   Answer: Fielder's Choice is considered an atbat without a hit. In most cases the batter would not have reached base if another runner was not forced out and therefore according to the official rules Fielder's Choice does not count as a time on base.

Question: How come an On By Error does not help On base% ?  Answer: On By Error is considered an atbat without a hit. Had it not been for the fielder's error the batter would have been out.  It only makes sense that the batter should not be credited in this situation.  However, some coaches feel that the batters speed may have forced the error and that is why we include a separate stat category called OBAe for On Base Average including errors.  You can turn this stat category on in the Stat Filter under the Batting Tab.

Question: How can a player's Batting Average be higher than his On base% ?  Answer: Sacrifice Flies count as a time up without being on base.  The official calculation adds Sac Flys to official Atbats for On Base%.   So to answer the question, the player must have had a sac fly.

Question: How are Total Average and Runs Created calculated?  Answer:  Look in the back of your User's Guide under Stats Tracked.  It's a long equation.

Other Baseball/Softball Specific Questions:

Question: How do I print out just the batting order to give to the opposing coach?  Answer: It's called a Lineup Card and you can click on the Lineup Tab at the bottom of the Team Form and then click on the clipboard icon.

Question: When entering pitching stats, do I count the number of foul balls as strikes? Do I count a ball that is hit as a strike? How about the third strike in a strike out (K) or the 4th ball in a walk (BB)?  Answer:  Every pitch that is swung on is a strike.  You would count the ball that is hit or fouled off a strike,  the third strike swinging or looking as a strike.  The fourth ball in a walk as a ball.  When you enter numbers from a scorebook page you must remember to add in these balls and strikes because they won't show up in the count boxes.  You must also track all the foul balls after 2 strikes and enter them as strikes.

Question: How come I can't scale the screen in the Situational Diagramming mode?  Answer: Situational Diagramming needed to be changed as the 32 bit program does not support animations well with scaled bitmap images.  You will not be able to drag the screen to make it larger like you could with version 9.0.  A copy of version 9.0 is included on the 10.0 CD if you need to use this feature. 

Question: I upgraded and now I can't view OBS, LQ or other stats.  The values are checked in the Stat Filter.  Answer: Reset your stat order,  See the Stat Order button in the Stat Filter or the Table > Set Stat Order menu option in the Stat Viewer.  You might see a value over 103 which caused the problem.

Question: How do I  export games to Max Preps?  Answer: Select the game in the Game Form.  Use the menu Games>Export>MaxPreps then use the upload option in MaxPreps and select the file that ends in .max.  You need to have an account setup on MaxPreps first.

Problem: Can't get into the game form after open a team file created with an older version of TurboStats.  The message "Creating New User Defined Stats" keeps loopingSolution: Delete the file in the c:\winstats directory called "your team file name".DEF.  Then get back into TurboStats and when you click on games it will recreate the user defined defaults file.

For additional Error messages click here Common Error Messages

Installation Questions:

Problem: TurboStats 14.0 or lower will not run properly on Windows 7, 8 or Vista 64
Upgrading to a 64 bit operating system like Windows 7, 8 or Vista will prevent many older software programs from installing and running.  Our latest release was recompiled and redeveloped to support these new 64 bit operating systems while still supporting Windows XP.  Our latest version works with all your existing data.  The cost to upgrade starts at only $19.95.  An upgrade fee is necessary to cover our development and support costs.  ScoreKeeper users can continue to use their 6.0 or 7.1 versions.  We hope our customers appreciate our commitment to continue to develop, improve and support our products. 

Problem: TurboStats 14.0 purchased in 2008 won't install on Windows 7, 8 or Vista 64. 
TurboStats 14 was not 64 bit compatible and needs to be upgraded to run on a 64 bit operating system.  Upgrading online will allow you to immediately download the software onto your computer. Upgrading works with all your existing data.

Other Problems running TurboStats 14 on Windows 7.

This solution was sent in by one of our users.  In the Windows 7 control panel there is a section on fixing problems. Windows 7 brings up a box which shows all the programs which run on older operating systems. You find the program and highlight it, click next and it matches the program with the previous operating system. Start the program and it will give you a prompt to run the program or the computer to make changes to run the program.  Maybe this will help you out if other customers are having problems.  Thanks for your help, I have already recommended your program to other coaches in the high school level, told them program is great (they like the line up cards) and the customer service is excellent.

Problem:  Bad File name message when creating an HTML reportSolution:  Delete the file ftp.ini in your c:\winstats folder.

Problem: Program won't start on Windows XP.  (How to manually register DLL's)
"The Specified Module Cannot be Found error
Solution: A  DLL or OCX file is not properly registered with Windows.
   Use Start > RUN   then type in
   Regsvr32.exe msvbvm60.dll

after the "Regsvr32.exe" put a space and one of these file names then press OK.  Try to load TurboStats.  
If you get the same error repeat with the next file in the list.

msvbvm60.dll graph32.ocx mscomm32.ocx comdlg32.ocx
gswdll32.dll grid32.ocx threed32.ocx

Problem: After installing ScoreKeeper on Win 98, I get a Linked to Missing Export error when I reboot.  Solution: Click Here to Fix

Problem:  I am having trouble with keeping the stat columns in my softball program in place after I use the arrows and move themSolution:  Reset the stat order. See Table > Stat order > then press RESET.

Problem:  I have upgraded from an older version and can't get some of the new stats to display.  Solution:  Make sure they are turned on in the Stat Filter.  If the stat is a User Defined Stat make sure User Defined Stats is checked under REPORT in the Stat Filter.  If you still don't see the stats then reset the stat order. See Table > Stat order > then press RESET.

Problem:  I have a player that I can't view spray chart information in the Player Analyzer or in the Spray Chart reports. All the other players work.  Solution:  Check this players spray charts for each game.  Look for a spray chart that was entered for a strikeout or other event that there should be no spray chart information for and use the X in the lower right corner to delete the line.  The problem should go away.  If this does not fix the issue, check each atbat for the batter and look at the pitcher's mound for a "T".  If you see a "T" then try clicking the letter 3 times to cycle through the R, L and T and leave it set for R or L.  Repeat this for each atbat and see if the lines now print.



VERSION 16.0 UPDATES  (free for all 16.0 users)  ($19.95 for 15.0 users  $29.95 for 14.0 users and lower)

Click Here to Install the 16.0 Full Version  (will not affect your registration if you are a registered 16.0 user)

Click Here to Install the 16.0 Update  (will not affect your registration if you are a registered 16.0 user)


Fixed iScore Import which sometimes dropped the first pitcher/fielder listed in the boxscore


Fixed Game Summary report for team totals for the game


Support for enlarged 125% screen for 8" tablets in Line-Up screen


Updated App importing for new 2014 version of iScore.  New Game Form with ALL view and Enhanced Batting and Fielding Screens

Click Here: to see what's new in version 17.0 and view upgrade info

VERSION 15.0 UPDATES  (free for all 15.0 users)

Click Here to Install the 15.0 Full Version  (note: after installing the full version press [Register TurboStats] and then [Request by Email] to receive a new password)

Click Here to Install the 15.0 Update  (will not affect your registration if you are a registered 15.0 user)

  1. Close TurboStats before running the upgrade
  2. Click the link above and choose [RUN]
  3. Note: if you get the message from SmartScan: "winpro15.exe is not commonly downloaded and can harm your computer" 
    Then Click on [MORE] and then [Run Anyway]
  4. Press UnZip when the winzip application loads to uncompress and install the update
  5. Run TurboStats and check for the correct revision on the Main Menu to verify your upgrade is the latest


Fixed: Updated App importing for new i Score boxscores with separate batting, fielding and pitching legends at the bottom due to bug with the iScore pitching boxscore when you have no pitchers listed for the visiting team.  Also supports importing teams with multiple spaces in the team names


Added: added stat description titles to HTML output reports on mouse move event.  Modifyed: App importing for web based box scores.


New:  Customize Lineups Cards by setting positions as either numbers 1-10 or abbreviations 1B, 2B, Etc
Fix:  App importing team names the letters "at" in them and team names with a space in them.


New:  EMAIL button in the Stat Viewer to help speed up Emailing of Stat Reports.
Fix:  App Importing hang up after error message  "Problem writing to c:\winstats\pilot\output"  (effected new users who never installed ScoreKeeper)
Fix:  "Bad File Name" error when exporting HTML files in Windows 7 or Vista with User Account Controls turned on


Remove the Player Totals line (tot) from the Player History  reports.  This report is just supposed to show the individual games to enable individual game records to be displayed.  Use Stats>Player History then use Sort Options> Create a leader report to display the game records for each statistical category.


Support for Player History and Career History reports
Fix: Web Support/Updates button. 



Click Here to Install the 14.0 Update  (will not affect your registration or data if you are a registered 14.0 user)


Support for 2010 Max Preps new fields, Fielder's Choice, Double Plays, Caught Stealing, Stolen base attempts, Pitching Appearances, Sac Fly Pitcher, Sac Bunt Pitcher.  Fixed a crash in the lineup card when changing the font without selecting any data first. Support for importing games with spaces in front or behind from scorekeeper lineup names without messing up the home/visitor team import.

Fixed: Various problems with the Lineup Card Designer.  1. dropped the numbers if you deleted the last saved lineup from your disk (press New icon to reset) . 2: Error printing a dugout lineup card with 12 players on the card.  3: Computerized batting orders did bring over permanently set batters (left the batting location blank). 4: Didn't save the last two players on the card.

changed:  for changes with MaxPreps filter to add Errors, Total Strikeouts and Total Walks.  Fixed:  Saving fonts styles in the new Lineup Card Designer.

changed:  MaxPreps filter modifications.  Removed unnecessary buttons from the Create from Scorekeeper screen.

Added:  New Official Lineup Card Designer.  Added:  Image display on stat reports.



Click Here to download the 12.0 Update

Backup/Restore command: enlarged the confirm replace screen for long path names

added: Support for DP and Flex in lineup cards
added: R and L in the spray chart section of the Game form to display and change righty vs lefty status
added: Automatically create the "Opponents" player if importing from ScoreKeeper
added: Show stat descriptions on the HTML output (optional)
added: Allow long html files with the HTML or HTM extension
added: support for exporting player names and addresses to the palm desktop Address book
enhancements: Automatically center application in screen if located off the screen or upper left corner. 
Import player names with uniform numbers turned on in ScoreKeeper import
Save the max/min setting in the game form

added: Spray charts for individual games, team and multi game spray charts
added: post batting stats based on graphical data entry screen.
added: inning by inning scoring summary report
added: stat description key to the game total summary report



Click Here to download the 11.0 Update

Fix: Problem only effecting  new ScoreKeeper users who had TurboStats 11f. Clicking the palm icon in the game form did not bring up the import form.

Fix: Turbolink showed a blank screen in 11e only.
Added: Menu option under Help to allow registered ScoreKeeper users to download ScoreKeeper updates directly without having to request them.
Added: Stat checking for pitching to make sure Batters Faced is not zero which causes stats to drop on the players stat reports for pitching.

Fix: HTML of leader reports dropped the heading lines for all but the first stat heading
Fix: Spray chart colors turned black for Complete and Batting only versions.
Fix: show/print spray charts when data is manually entered (not imported from ScoreKeeper) and R or L was 
not checked by user. If you can't print or view spray charts in the Player Analyzer this will fix it.
Added: An Email button in FTP window (does not work with all Email Applications)

Added: printing option for Stats by count
Fix: Remove commas from opponents team names for scorekeeper game uploads
Fixed: Setting of portrait / landscape for win XP, 2000, NT

Fixed reference calculations in the Game form for cont%, slug%, onbase% for batters with 0 At Bats.

Fixed problems with spray charting printing for 2x3, 3x2 format options


Click Here to download the 10.0 Update

Updates past version 10 are no longer supported.  Upgrade to to the latest version is required. see upgrade order form