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Below are some of the most commonly asked presales questions.

Q: What is the difference between TurboStats Complete, ProSeries and ScoreKeeper?

The main difference is the ProSeries version can break down a batters stats vs right or left pitching, pitchers stats by right or left batting and fielding stats by individual positions.  Most ScoreKeeper users get the ProSeries version because ScoreKeeper automatically does the right vs left and fielding breakdowns automatically.  You also get a practice planner in the Pro version. Here is the full comparison chart.

TurboStats and ScoreKeeper Product/Feature Guide


with Pitch Chart
for Apps
List Price $69.95 $49.95 $69.95 $99.95 $49
Online Ordering Discounts  Order Form $10 $10 $10 $10 $20
Runs on PC   X X X X
Runs on Palm OS Compatible PDA X        
Score games live   (pitch by pitch) X        
Enter stats from scorebook   X X X  
Import stats   X4 X*4 X*4 X2
Export games X* X* X* X*  
Print completed scoresheets X        
Design blank scorebook pages     X X  
Print box score X* X* X* X* X2
Create box score web page X* X* X* X* X2
Print play-by-play X        
Create play-by-play web page X        
Print individual game report X X X X  
Edit Stats from desktop   X X X  
Edit/Undo games on PDA X        
Infield Hits/bunts X X X X  
Beam lineups to other ScoreKeeper users X        
Beam game files to other PDA's X        


Batting statistics  X 54 54 104  
Pitching statistics  X 52 52 92  
Fielding statistics X1 12 12 80  
Batting stats vs. left/right pitchers X1     X  
Pitching stats vs. left/right batters X1     X  
Fielding by Positions X1     X  
Batting Stats by Count       X  
Create Game Types 
conference, non-conference, etc
X X X X  
Individual game statistics reports X X X X  
Create HTML statistics   X X X  
Fully customized stat reports   X X X  
Leader reports   X X X  
League standings/team records   X X X  
League stat merge with leaders   X X X  

Spray Charts 

Enter Spray Charts X   X X  
View Spray charts  X   X X X2
Display batter hits by type X   X X X2
Display batter hits by direction X   X X X2
Print spray charts     X X X2
Show vs. team,  or pitcher X       X2
Show vs. team,  or batter X       X2
Show Pitching History X3       X2
Show Pitch Types by Count X3       X2

Other Features 

International Tiebreaker X        
Mercy Rule
(end inning with less than 2 outs)
Computerized Batting Order     X X  
Game Lineup Creator     X X  
Custom Lineup Card Creator     X X  
Print Inning by Inning Fielding Lineups
(with up to 9 diagrams per page)
    X X  
Career Stats   X X X  
Practice Planner     X X  
League Scheduler       X  
Animated Situational Diagramming       X  


Pitch Chart
for Apps
Turbo Scout

*  TurboStats and ScoreKeeper bundle is required
1  Stats are tracked but not viewable without TurboStats PC Software
2  A copy of ScoreKeeper is required to use this feature
3  Stats are tracked but not viewable without TurboScout PC Software
4  Stats may be imported from ScoreKeeper or  boxscores of 3rd party apps (sold separately)

Q:  What is new in ScoreKeeper 7.1
  • New Pitch Chart Mode with one click on/off.  
  • Batter/Pitcher view of pitches hit by zone, type and count. 
  • Share game files by beaming or Sending via BlueTooth or Email  
  • Option for entering errors on foul balls
  • Option for selecting past ball or wild pitch using ON > by Dropped third strike
  • Option for On> by Sac Bunt (choice of Error or Fielder's Choice)
  • Option to advance runners by Defensive Indifference
  • Option for DP in the fielding positions (Flex)
  • Orders the out #'s  for Double Plays in the order they occurred
  • Includes balls and strikes thrown in the Scorebook page pitcher summary
  • Click here for screen images of Version 7.1
Q: Will ScoreKeeper work without a copy of TurboStats?
A:  ScoreKeeper is a live game scoring program designed to take advantage of the convenience of the Palm PDA platform for it's size, battery life, instant on and touch screen interface.  You can store unlimited games on the PDA (only limited by memory) and view basic stats right on the PDA screen for individual games and ALL games.  Due to the limited screen size only 11 batting stats and 12 pitching stats are viewable on the PDA.  Without TurboStats on the PC you can hotsync and print individual game scorebook pages and play by play reports but not seasonal stat reports.  TurboStats on the PC is designed for advanced statistic reporting of up to 300 stats per player with Righty vs Lefty breakdowns (Pro Version).  TurboStats also prints Spray Chart diagrams and allows reports to be created for conference, non conference, tournament and other game types.  If you are a fan, parent or youth coach who does not require printed reports or does not need to analyze performance data, you can use ScoreKeeper standalone with good results.  TurboStats can be added in the future if you needs change.  To see all the other features in TurboStats click here: TurboStats Features.  Use the back button on your browser to come back to this page.
Q: Will ScoreKeeper work on a Laptop?
A:  No and Yes.  No because there is nothing we can sell you to make it work.  Yes because Palm offers developers an emulator program that can popup a Palm session on your PC or Laptop.  We don't support this functionality but if you visit Palm's developer site you can get a copy of the emulator from them.  visit the Palm Developer Site.  Please don't call our support site on this issue.  If you use the emulator you are on your own. It does work well but you won't be able to hotsync and must know how to manually move games from the emulator to your palm user backup directories.  And by the way,  you must have a palm to do this because you need the palm desktop software loaded on your PC regardless.
Q: How do ScoreKeeper and TurboScore for laptops compare?
A: Well maybe the best question is how does scoring on a laptop compare with scoring on a Palm PDA.  In our opinion, there is no comparison. The PDA is much easier.  The PDA is better in the sunlight, batteries last about 10 times as long, touch screen is fantastic and its much easier to sit there with a Palm in your hand than a Laptop on your lap (especially in the rain).  There are some users who have scoring booths with power available.  For these situations we still recommend ScoreKeeper because it's easier to use and tracks up to 300 stats.  TurboScore is a nice program that looks like a scorebook page on your laptop and is easy to use.  However it will only export about 50 stats into TurboStats and won't support righty vs lefty stats or fielding by individual positions.  If you want TurboScore for your laptop, we suggest you get TurboStats Complete to go with it.  For more information about TurboScore, visit this page.  TurboScore .  Use your browsers BACK button to come back to this page.
Q: What PDA's will run ScoreKeeper?
A: ScoreKeeper is designed to run on any Palm OS PDA or Garnet OS PDA.  If you will be using it outside, get a high resolution color screen or monochrome.  Low resolution screens like the Z22 are hard to see in the sunlight.  Centro, Treo 755p, 650p, 700p, Tungsten C, E2, E, TX, T5  Zire 71 and Zire 72 are great choices.  ScoreKeeper will also run on a Windows Mobile PDA with optional StyleTap (you need to install the palm desktop software and copy the game files to the PC)
  • Also Supports
  • Palm Pilot IIIe, IIIc, V, Vx, M100, Handspring Visor, Treo 600 or 650, IBM Workpad or Sony Clie or  any other pda running the Palm Operating System 3.0 or higher and  least 250k available memory.
  • ScoreKeeper App requires 200K free space.  Each game requires approx 8-12K (based on number of events).  
    example: A 2 MB Palm can hold about 200 concurrent games.  Games can be removed after Hot Sync for Unlimited Capacity.  The Tungsten E2 has 32 MB.
  • We do not support Pocket PC, IPAQ, HP Jordana or any other CE handheld however it will run on these devices if you use Style Tap software (see below).  Only on Palm OS Operating Systems.  Works on all model Palm Pilots, Handsprings and Sony Handhelds.  Does not support the Treo 700.
Q: Will ScoreKeeper run on Windows Mobile,  Android, WebOS, Pocket PC or the iPhone/IPad?

ScoreKeeper runs most effectively on any Palm PDA/Smartphone plus other Garnet OS devices.  TurboStats 15 supports importing data scored on third party Apps but remember that scoring on a capacitive tablet screen has many drawbacks and environmental restrictions and in our evaluation is not nearly as efficient as a resistive touchscreen like a Palm PDA.  Our test show that it takes over twice as many keystrokes to enter data on a capacitive screen app.  That means more time looking down instead of watching the game.  See our comparison Capacitive vs Resistive.  Your investment in ScoreKeeper will continue to be supported with us and will be supported on other devices in the future.  A great media tablet does not necessarily make a great data input device and in many ways can be cumbersome and heavy with the additional safety concerns of RF microwave exposure and heat.  We are testing and evaluating new product to find a better scoring platform, not a better media device. Windows 8 tablets due out in the fall will change the tablet market with their digitizing pen input.

Q: How does TurboStats and ScoreKeeper compare with competitive systems?

TurboStats is the original and oldest company on the market providing baseball PDA scorekeeper software.  As competitors come and go, TurboStats has been in business for over 20 years supporting our customers.  We offer real support, so you can call or email someone if you have any issues.  As far as features go, TurboStats is the market leader.  The following is a list of features you should consider before purchasing any competitive software.


  • Full featured products, not stripped down limited "BASIC" apps like some of our competitors
  • Reliability.  If it crashes it's worthless.  TurboStats products are highly reliable and used by thousands and thousands of schools.  That's one of  top reasons users tell us when they trade in a competitors product for TurboStats
  • Faster Scoring.  About twice as fast as IPhone/Ipad Apps due to excessive menus and cumbersome dragging data entry methods.  The stylus beats the finger any day so you can watch more of the game.
  • Does not required a Wifi or Broadband connection to create games or score games
  • Works in the sun, won't overheat and turn off  like other Tablet devices in temps over 80 in the sun.
  • Fits in your pocket so you won't have to worry about it being stolen
  • Light weight
  • Score up to 3 games on one charge
  • Keep all games on the PDA till you delete them.  Some products only keep one game on your PDA and you can't use the previous game data for scouting or stats.   ScoreKeeper stores unlimited games and displays spray and pitch chart data on screen during the game when you need it.
  • 300 plus stats and spray charts.  No other products track more stats than TurboStats.  
  • Ease of Use, Ease of Use, Ease of Use...just ask our users.  Quotes
  • No Support Contract Required (other companies charge $50 annually for support or charge an annual price to use their website).
  • Prevent your opponents from looking at your stats online.  Why provide scouting information to them?
  • Easily email stats to anyone.  They won't have to pay to see your stats and you can control who can view them.
  • Updates and new features added frequently.  No other company has released more version updates for statistics tracking than TurboStats.  We are on version 15.0
  • Keep all your Career and Seasonal statistics on your PC.  Not someone else's website that could be down, inaccessible or even out of business someday.  
  • Pitch Charting
  • Fielding Stats by position played
  • Real Spray Charts (some competitor product just put numbers in right, center and left field and call that spray charting)
  • Spray chart data viewable during the game (and for all games that player played in)
  • Pitch chart data viewable during the game (and for all games that player played in)
  • Guaranteed to work as advertised.
  • Selected by Palm Inc.  see story
  • Overall lower Cost.  You investment lasts for years not months.


Q: Will ScoreKeeper work on Windows 7 or Vista 64
A: Yes:  ScoreKeeper and your PDA will work with Wiindows 7 or Vista 64 and you can now hotsync with USB on 64bit operating systems with the Aceeca drivers.  You can also sync with Bluetooth, Wireless or SD Memory Cards.   see 64 Bit support