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The Stat Viewer

The Stat Viewer displays stats for any player, career, team, opponent or game.  Just select any player from the pull down list.  You can sort by any stat heading using the pull down list or simply by double clicking on any column. Set the game types for your report (season, playoffs, etc.), the stats you want displayed,  and the type of report (offensive, defensive, turnovers, etc.) by clicking on the Stat Filter  icon located on the main toolbar.  Print in portrait or landscape to any Windows supported printer or Fax.  Move any row or column anywhere you want with one click of the mouse.  Export to your spreadsheet or wordprocessor for plotting or create HTML web files.  You can even merge in multiple team to create league reports or track team records.

NEW:  Browers style links to view player reports by just clicking the players name in the team report.  Forward/Back buttons make report viewing easy.

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