Dell Venue 8 Pro
The World's Most Advanced Live Scoring Software
 Since 1992


Outstanding Live Scoring
Easy to Learn Animated Playbook Advanced Metrics Practice Planner

"Coaches, if you need a great stat program with ability to webcast and track all the basketball metrics stats built-in, TurboStats is for U."
- Jerry Mullen Top National College Scout, 25 years

Used at the 2015 JC Top 100  see tournament site
  • Score Live, by Video or Enter Stats Post Game

  • No Internet Connection Required to Live Score

  • Advanced Metrics Used by the Top D1 Schools

  • Color Coded Shot Charts

  • 5 Player "In-Game" Combination Reports

  • Player Efficiency & "NET" Rating  see: NET Ratings

  • Free Posting of Box Scores Online & Live Game Casting with League Stats

  • Import Rosters and Export Play by Play to Hudl

  • Automatically Tags Video while you Score

Starting At Only $59.95
see Pricing

It's Like Moneyball for Basketball


  runs on the New Surface 3 & Pro
also runs on the $129 Dell Venue Pro 3000 and any Windows Tablet, Laptop or Desktop


Blows away all iPad and Android apps. Shots are easier to enter and data entry is better than anything else on the market.  Plus you get real metrics not just media stats.

  • User Customizable Player Efficiency Ratings

  • Live Updated Game, Season and Career Stats

  • Track Offensive and Defensive Plays & Options

  • Live "Four Factors" updates for both teams while you score


Don't risk your season or your reputation on some cheap app!  
Trust our 20 years of experience as a worldwide leader in basketball statistics.


"I take down all the live stats from our games on my tablet, and I’m able to do things such as calculate an individual player’s efficiency, and track where we’re shooting well and poorly from on the floor. The ability to do that during a game and make adjustments at halftime as a result has helped me out a lot."  - John Leighton, Head Girls Basketball Coach at Franklin (MA) High School

Win More Games with Advanced Metrics, Four Factors and ScoutingWhile most basketball programs focus on standard shooting percentages, TurboStats also includes advanced Metrics that tap into points per possession principles which are key to maximizing your team's offensive potential.  The theory behind some of our advanced algorithms are based on years of research and evaluation from some of the brightest basketball minds.  View the four factors, efficiency of your offensive and defensive plays, +/- five player combination reports and more, live for in-game decisions.  

Congrats to 2013 NBA Rookie of the Year Damian Lillard.  
TurboStats NET # 2 rated college player 2011-12 see Ratings

NET Efficiency Rating
Our new NET rating system was developed over a five year period by analyzing the data from over 10,000 college, pro and high school games using points per possession principles. By analyzing the weaknesses in other rating systems like NBA efficiency and PER, we tailored NET to provide the best solution to highlight your most efficient players. By normalizing to a standard 100 point scale, NET is easy for players, coaches, fans and the media to follow. View the NET ratings of the top 50 DI college players. 2011-12 NET leader was Kentucky’s Anthony Davis at 107.6. In 2009-10 Jeremy Lin’s NET rating was 95.3.

Backup to SkyDrive and View on Home/Office Computer
Windows 8.1 now allows all data to be backed up to your SkyDrive free provided by Microsoft.  If you have another Windows 8.1 computer you can view this data on any device with a second copy of TurboStats for Basketball installed (up to 3 unlocks per order).  Use the Backup Team button, select your team and then choose your SkyDrive folder for the backup location.

The Best Hardware for Data Entry
Capacitive touch screens like the iPad are nice for media but are not designed for repetitive data entry. Windows 8 tablets are designed with active digitizers so you won’t be frustrated trying to score with your fingers. You can also score with existing Windows XP thru 7 laptops and a mouse. Get exactly what you tap on and see what you are selecting with 100% more accuracy so you can keep up with all the action.

Automatically Tags Game Video
Insert your SD camera card (or connect your USB camera cable) into your laptop/tablet and view tagged video instantly. Sort video by any category and create highlight or scouting films in minutes.

Great for College Scouting
Imports Game Data from NCAA Box Scores (HTML or PDF)

Watch games remotely with DVR style controls to pause, rewind, animate shots, view statistics and play-by-play!


Meet Windows 8




Broadcast data live to tablets or cell phones

The Media is Talking About Metrics...
See Story: Butler's Brad Stevens embraces advanced statistics

"Advanced metrics are changing the way many top coaches evaluate the game. From scouting to player development, innovative statistical analysis allows coaches to get more out of the numbers than ever before." - Cover Story by Mike Phelps, Coaching Management Basketball Preseason Issue

"I recently spent some time with Gonzaga men’s basketball coach Mark Few, who told me he wants his offense scoring 1.15 points per possession while limiting the defense to 0.9 points per possession."- Michael Austin, Winning Hoops January/February Issue

"The Dallas Mavericks won their first NBA title in 2011, due in part to taking numbers seriously."

- Peter Dizikes, MIT News Office


"There are players in the NBA who [would excel] if given the opportunity to do the things they do best, but they don’t get the chance." - Mike Zarren, assistant general manager of the Boston Celtics

  • Very easy to learn and use

  • Add players on the fly

  • Optional player photo display helps speed up data entry

  • Auto complete technology provides the industry's fastest data entry method

  • Make fast, in-game substitutions without leaving the main scoring screen

  • View updated career stats for both teams after each shot

  • Print NCAA style box score and play-by-play

  • Print shot charts and box scores at the half

  • Optional tabletop scoreboard with USB/RGB/HDMI monitor

  • Color-coded shot charts show 

    • Turnovers, 2nd Chance & Shots in Transition

    • Contested vs Uncontested Shots  x vs  x

    • Last Second Shots

    • Shots vs different defenses (man, 2-3, 3-2, 1-3-1, etc)

        Advanced Statistics

  • Game Factors (including the Four Factors)

  • New "Per Possession" metrics highlight your most efficient scorers

  • New "Per Minute" statistics highlight your best bench players

  • Individual/Team NET Rating System (100 pt scale) highlights overall player performance

  • Track Actual "in-game" off/def rebounds available and true rebound %

  • User Customizable Efficiency rating for team goals

  • Track 5 player +/- combination groups for both teams

  • Track Individual +/- points for each player

  • Track actual player in-game run time since last substitution

  • Track assisted vs unassisted shots

  • Track 2 and 3 point assists

  • Track actual "in-game" defensive points allowed

  • Track charges taken and defensive effort

  • Use your own terminology for plays and defense

  • Broadcast game information wirelessly to coaches using tablets or cell phones 

  • Turns most Windows 7 tablets, laptops, or ultrabooks into a free mobile hotspot, linking your wireless phones and tablets with a low cost app.  No need for expensive 3G wireless data plans or routers.  Your network travels with you, home, away, even on the bus 

        Platinum and Ultra Edition
  • Track statistics for all your offensive plays and options

  • Track/Scout Off/Def team performance by defense played

  • Track/Scout team performance with different point guards
  • Track Actual possessions used by each player
  • Link your game video to the play-by-play while scoring a live game
  • Integrated video controls for scoring games from video


"PowerDirector 9 Ultra is the fastest consumer editing software we've seen." - PC PRO 
  • Virtually eliminates film breakdown time

  • View hi-def video instantly, without buffering. No wifi or 3G required!

  • Filter plays and create highlight videos for any player or event right after the game or at halftime

  • Tag plays for highlight reel and coaching review easily while you score

  • Create game highlight videos and upload to YouTube or Facebook - minutes after the game

  • Automatically creates video timelines project files based on play-by-play filters

  • Processes filtered & tagged clips into full featured video editor projects for professional results

  • Ultra Edition includes CyberLink, a top rated video editor for DVD, Blu-ray and MPG4 output

  • Process tagged clips into videos with "The World's Fastest Video Editor"

  • Automatically uploads videos to your FREE YouTube or Facebook pages

  • Create private and public videos easily without the need to register players with new passwords

  • No more time wasted tagging game videos the next day

  • Why spend thousands of dollars per year to post your videos online when you can use Facebook or YouTube for Free. Your players are on Facebook already so setup is easy!


  • Designed for Windows XP, 7 or 8 tablets, laptops, ultrabooks and netbooks

  • Easy to use Animated Playbook with included free play viewer for team playbooks

  • Practice Planner

  • Create game lineups

  • Completely redesigned interface for tablets, laptops, ultrabooks and netbooks

  • Fully customized reports for any player (game-by-game), team or opponent

  • Complete career stats automatically updated after each game

  • Import rosters from MaxPreps and Hudl to TurboStats

  • Export stats from TurboStats to MaxPreps

  • Export Play by Play to Hudl

Partners with MaxPreps

Drag-n-Drop Subs without leaving the scoring screen
Runs Great on a Windows Tablet, Laptop, Netbook or Ultrabook
Runs well on a Mac with VMWare Fusion or Parallels Desktop
Runs well as a client on an iPad/Android Tablet with Splashtop (PC Required)

Customizable Active Player Display Options
New TurboSub:  Make Substitutions in 1 Click Photos Actual Rebound Percentage Rebounds-Opportunities

In Tally Mode enter all active players into the game for both teams.

Great for camps, practice or tournaments when keeping track of subs is difficult

Highlight any player and just tap any of the Stat boxes to increment by +1

No Subbing Required!

Note: Many metrics will not be available in tally mode including 5 player combination reports.

OPTIONAL Tally Mode Scoring  See Setting Up Tally Mode



TurboStats for Basketball Runs Stand-Alone on All These Windows Computers 
Your Complete Season and Career Data, Video for All Your Games, All in One Place, No Hotsyncing, No Slow Buffering Video
Desktop PC Windows Tablets Laptop Netbook Convertible Tablet



see below

Windows 8 or 7

Parallels Desktop/Fusion

Supports iPad* & other Media Tablets with Dual View so two users can score or a coach can view/edit statistics on another tablet during a live game

  * Dual View mode requires a PC, Laptop or Tablet running Windows 8 or 7.  TurboStats is a large "Application" not an app and must be run on a Windows PC

Runs on any Windows 8 Tablet, Laptop, Ultrabook or Desktop
Score on the Only Tablets Designed for Data Entry with Active Digitizers or Mouse Support
Dell Venue 10 Pro
10.1 Inch Screen

32GB, Detachable Keyboard, Full size USB, MicroHDMI, excellent digitizer pen

Tested at TurboStats
Excellent Screen & Pen

$329 at Dell
Asus Note 8
8 Inch Screen

Wacom digitizer pen included, stores in tablet. Lifetime Microsoft Office included

PC Magazine Top Pick

see PC Mag Top 10

Microsoft Surface 3
10.8 Inch Screen

Top Pick

starting at $499

Great Choice

Pen sold separately


Dell Venue 8 Pro 5000
8 Inch Screen, 2GB RAM, Atom Z3740D, 32GB about $199
Dell Venue 8 Pro 3000
8 Inch Screen, 1GB RAM, Atom Z3735G, 16GB about $129
Dell Venue 11 Pro
10.8 Inch Screen $379

Staples / Amazon
 Microsoft Store
Lifetime Microsoft Office included

HP Stream 7
7 Inch Screen

Best IPS Screen under $100

Toshiba Encore Write
8 &10

starting at $349

Envy x2

Microsoft Store
Office Depot or 
HP Direct


Microsoft Surface Pro 3 *
10.6 Inch Screen

Microsoft Store

Starting at $799

also available at 
Best Buy, Staples and Amazon

348 reviews 

Detachable Keyboard
1 Year Subscription of  Microsoft Office included

touch laptop


Lenovo Yoga 13
13 Inch Screen

does not run on Yoga 10

Lenovo Twist

Lenovo X230T


$599-$749 Starting at $799  $349 Starting at $999
Available at Best Buy
Starting at $746
Touch Only Pen and Touch Touch Only Touch Only Touch Only
Great Price but no Digitizer Pen i5 Processor great for processing Video too        
An Active Stylus (Digitizer) prevents accidental palm or touch events from messing up scoring plus Improves Accuracy by over 500%  

also available 10 inch Tab 3 with keyboard From SAMSUNG   Find out more
Buy from Amazon for $699 with case and keyboard


*NOTE: Runs on Windows 8 and Windows 8 PRO, plus Windows 7, Vista & XP.  DOES NOT RUN ON WINDOWS RT.
 It will run on Surface Pro.


TurboStats can be Viewed Simultaneously on these devices
PC Running Splashtop Remote Desktop Required.  See Splashtop

Kindle Fire

Nook Color

iPad & iPad2

HP TouchPad

Android Tablet

Remote PC

iPhone iTouch Android 

Automatically tracked

Color-Coded Shot Charts

   View player by player LIVE

  • Zones vs Man to Man

  • Last Second Shots

  • Blocked Shots


Color-coded shot charts provide a wealth of 
information at a quick glance

Automatically tracks shots off turnovers, fast breaks and 
second chance opportunities
  • Uncontested Shots

  • Shots off Turnovers

  • Second Chance Shots

  • Shots in Transition



View/Print Shot Charts for Each Player 
select any combination of game types, plays, opponents or individual games

Create highlight videos right after the game

Stats and Video Has Never Been Easier

Watch scouting videos

Score the Game Live & Video the Game with your Camera

If you video your games TurboStats Platinum can save you a great deal of time watching film. TurboStats includes a separate Camera/Elapsed time counter that can be used to Sync play by play data to your video.  Simply start the timer and the camera at the start of each period and leave the camera running.  While you are live scoring TurboStats automatically posts the elapsed time to the play by play event.  When the game is over or at halftime copy your video to your computer or insert your camera SD card.  Select the video clip and just click the play by play event you want to see, press the Video button and TurboStats automatically loads the video to the clip location for playback.

Import Video after the Game

Control your Video Display from within TurboStats as an overlapping window or project to a 2nd display or Miracast wireless TV
Supports USB, Miracast, HDMI and PC Monitors as a 2nd Display for displaying the video
(You can't do this with iPads or Android tablets)

Shown with an Asus Note 8" tablet driving an AOC 16" USB Monitor as a 2nd display with a powered 4 port USB Hub that can also connect to an optional keyboard and mouse.

Set your Report Filters and Watch all Sorted Video Clips

Produce Cyberlink Video Project Files with One Click and upload to YouTube or Burn a DVD

Automatically Syncs with Your Video Camera

  • Insert your SD camera card or USB cable

  • TurboStats automatically locates the clips

  • Select one clip for each period

  • Press [COPY ALL] to copy videos to computer or Play video directly from SD card

  • Clips are renamed to reflect game and period

  • Original video is untouched on card

  • Set +/- delay to sync play timer and video

  • Play clips or modify start/stop times or rating

  • Upload Play by Play and Stats to 3rd party sites like Hudl and MaxPreps

Control Video while you score

  • Use one large monitor and view video in a window
  • Connect a 2nd Display
  • Use Miracast Wireless to display on TV

Filter/Produce Video Projects

  • Filter by one or more categories

  • Filter by period, shot types, individual plays, 
    defense, team, player, uncontested shots, event (assist, steal, etc), and more

  • Press SEARCH to locate all plays

  • Press PLAY ALL to view plays

  • or PRODUCE VIDEO to create a CyberLink project file which will automatically load CyberLink and load your new project

  • Press PRODUCE in CyberLink and create a YouTube, Facebook, DVD, MP4, etc video

  • Video will be produced at an amazing speed because CyberLink is "The World's Fastest Video Editor"

    If your video file format does not work download the Windows Codecs  Click Here 

timeline clips automatically processed based on live scoring event filter

Edit Video in CyberLink Media Player Works (with the Ultra Edition)



Great for scouting from film too

Score from Video with Platinum or Ultra

Instant replay plus automatically tags video


Import Video right into TurboStats with your SD memory card or USB cable from your Camera or Download Video from Hudl or other online sites


Shown with an Asus Note 8" tablet driving an AOC 16" USB Monitor as a 2nd display
(with a powered 4 port USB Hub that can also connect to an optional keyboard and mouse).  Complete Setup runs $399 which includes the tablet, monitor, hub, keyboard, mouse, micro to usb cable. (TurboStats software not included in price)
Control your Video Display from within TurboStats
as an Overlapping Window or 2nd Display

Supports USB, Miracast, HDMI and PC Monitors as a 2nd Display for displaying the video.
(You can't do this with iPads or Android tablets)

TurboStats Tags your Video as You Score

Scoring from video has never been easier.  Once you load your video files onto your PC you can click on VIDEO in any game to open the video for that game.  As you're scoring you can use the Space Bar to start and stop the clock and video at the same time or tap the Start/Stop clock buttons.  To start the video without running the clock press the Alt key or the Play button on the media player or camera button in the live game screen.  Missed something?  No problem because TurboStats can instant replay back 7 seconds just by tapping the Replay button. 

No need to Pause the Video for Data Entry
Select [x] Pause on Data Entry and any time you tap the court or select a player, the clock/video automatically pauses till that event is recorded, then the video and clock start up again automatically.  Every recorded event stores the video clip time in the Event Log.  Scoring from video doesn't get any easier than this.




*Note: Tablet/Laptop or Desktop must have HDMI port or RGB Port if the TV is equipped.  Also works great with a Miracast wireless display adapter.

View the User's Guide

Easy to Learn Animated Playbook

Drag players into position, press Save 

Easy To Use * Mirror Plays * Multiple Pass Options * Multiple Playbooks * Automatically Draws Lines and Arrows * Use Player Uniform Numbers

A quick way to plan your practices

Practice Planner
It's time to get organized

Automatically adjusts minutes or end times

Player, Team, Game and Career

Fully Customizable Reports

Over 200 statistics


Sample Reports: Reports are fully customizable including the stat order and which stats are turned on/off.  (click the images to view the PDF)
These are just a few samples..

Shot Chart All Players Season Totals Individual Player
shot charts All Player Report Player Report
5 Player Combos Individual Game Box Score  Team Individual Game Totals
Player Combination Reports Boxscore Team Totals

On Screen Reports Viewer/Customizer

TurboStats Evolution for Basketball Introductory Pricing

Runs on Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista & XP Tablet, Laptop, Netbook and Ultrabook or PC
Runs on a Mac with Boot Camp, Fusion or Parallels Desktop loaded
(all pricing subject to change)

Order or Upgrade Now to Receive Introductory Pricing 

Available in 5 versions for Lifetime Purchase or 2 versions for Annual Subscription

Click the ADD TO CART buttons to use our fast online site or click...

Pay with Amazon Pay with PayPal Pay with Intuit eCheck
Intuit Payments


$89.95 lifetime or
$45 annual subscription



Platinum Edition

$149.95   lifetime
ULTRA Edition


lifetime or

$75 annual subscription

add CyberLink $49.95

School Site License
annual fee 

available for schools only

Over 100 stats per player, Player, Team & Game Reports, HTML output, Multiple Report Formats. Enter data from recorded data sheets. Advanced Statistics.

same as Complete plus  Live Game Scoring,  "per game"  Statistics,  Advanced Statistics, NCAA Style Box Scores & Play-by-Play Reports.

same as Live plus Animated Playbook, "per min"  Statistics, Advanced Statistics, Four Factors.

same as ProSeries with Live Scoring plus Scouting, Stats by Play, Defense, Pt Guard, Score by Video integration.

same as Platinum plus full Video Sorting by player, play, events, period, defense and more.  Automatically produces CyberLink project files for highlight videos.

Site License Requirements
Purchase any of the 5 software versions and for $39.95 per year you can get a site license for your school to run TurboStats on any number of computers.

x   Per Game Stats
x NET Player Rating
x Player Metrics
    5 Player Combos
Game Factors
Def Points Allowed
Per Min Stats
Stats by Play Type
Stats vs Defense
Stats by Pt Guard
x Shot Charts
Color-Coded Shot Chart
Live Game Scoring
Box Scores 
Animated Playbook
Practice Planner
Video Integration
  Webcasting (fans view free)
x   Per Game Stats
x NET Player Rating
x Player Metrics
x   5 Player Combos
Game Factors
Def Points Allowed
Per Min Stats
Stats by Play Type
Stats vs Defense
Stats by Pt Guard
x Shot Charts
Color-Coded Shot Chart
x Live Game Scoring
x Box Scores 
x Play-by-Play
Animated Playbook
x Practice Planner
Video Integration
x Webcasting (fans view free)
x   Per Game Stats
x NET Player Rating
x Player Metrics
x   5 Player Combos
x Game Factors
x Def Points Allowed
x Per Min Stats
Stats by Play Type
Stats vs Defense
Stats by Pt Guard
x Shot Charts
x Color-Coded Shot Chart
x Live Game Scoring
x Box Scores 
x Play-by-Play
x Animated Playbook
x Practice Planner
Video Integration
x Webcasting (fans view free)
x   Per Game Stats
x NET Player Rating
x Player Metrics
x   5 Player Combos
x Game Factors
x Def Points Allowed
x Per Min Stats
x Stats by Play Type
x Stats vs Defense
x Stats by Pt Guard
x Shot Charts
x Color-Coded Shot Chart
x Live Game Scoring
x Box Scores 
x Play-by-Play
x Animated Playbook
x Practice Planner
x Video Integration (Score by Video)
x Webcasting (fans view free)
x   Per Game Stats
x NET Player Rating
x Player Metrics
x   5 Player Combos
x Game Factors
x Def Points Allowed
x Per Min Stats
x Stats by Play Type
x Stats vs Defense
x Stats by Pt Guard
x Shot Charts
x Color-Coded Shot Chart
x Live Game Scoring
x Box Scores 
x Play-by-Play
x Animated Playbook
x Practice Planner
x Video Integration
x Sort Video by Multiple Events
x Create CyberLink Project files for Highlight Videos
x   Print/Copy Scouting Reports
x Webcasting (fans view free)


  1st Year Webcasting included  1st Year Webcasting included  1st Year Webcasting included  1st Year Webcasting included   
  MaxPreps/Hudl upload file support MaxPreps/Hudl upload file support MaxPreps/Hudl upload file support MaxPreps/Hudl upload file support  
Easily upgrade between versions (data is fully compatible).

 Other ways to order:

1. Call us at 1-800-60 STATS (800-607-8287) in the USA or at 973-334-7828

2. Mail your name, address, telephone # and check or money order to:  
TurboStats Software - P.O. Box 144, Towaco, NJ 07082

3. Fax Purchase Orders to: (all purchase orders must be faxed in before shipment)


Import rosters from MaxPreps or Excel

Unlimited Teams

View statistics quickly

Enter Names, addresses, phone numbers, player numbers, positions and notes and more for any of up to 100 players per team. Import player photos in the Player Profile tab. View and analyze statistics and shot charts for any team, game, game type, play, defense or shot type. Track player career stats.

Quick add/edit

Enter Unlimited Games

Conference vs Non-Conference


Included with the Complete edition and higher
Expands to display all the statistics at one time
Enter data manually from score sheets press LiveScore for live game scoring for both teams

Make game-time adjustments

Live Updated 5 Player Combinations

Combinations for both teams

Reports for Individual Games/Last X Games or Season Totals

Break down all your plays and options

Live Updated Scouting Reports

Uses data from the current game

Custom Reports Instantly.  Filter by Multiple Categories.  Available During a Live Game.  All Printable.

Plug in a USB Monitor, HDMI TV or Wireless

NEW! Low Cost 16" Tabletop Scoreboard Option

Automatically Controls Scoreboard

Now you can score in TurboStats and automatically control a tabletop scoreboard or wireless display using Windows Extended Desktop.

Replaces Tabletop Scoreboards costing $399-$599

Easy: One scorekeeper can track stats and control the scoreboard
16" USB Display starting at only $149 or 17" for $249
Flexible: Display can be powered by laptop USB or external power
Light Weight: only 1 pound

Option A: Use USB or RGB/VGA/Digital* monitor as your 2nd display
Option B: Use a Wireless Display adapter ($59.95) with an HDMI TV
Option C: Use the HDMI-out* port from your tablet or laptop with an HDMI TV monitor

Great for Tournaments, AAU and Youth when a full scoreboard is not available.
*depends on your hardware configuration

This setup can also be used for Scoring by Video to display the video on the extra display. Requires a Windows laptop or tablet running TurboStats Evolution for Basketball 9.2 Live Edition or higher.


How it works in TurboStats 9.2

  1. Press [Prefs] in Live Scoring Mode

  2. Select [Clock Control] tab

  3. Press [Clone Scoreboard]

  4. Drag Scoreboard to your Extended Windows 2nd Display

  5. Double Tap the Scoreboard border to maximize

Frequently Asked Questions

"Last year we tried using an iPad and a cheap app for stats.  Not only was the software cumbersome to use but we realized that our opponents were just going to the web to scout us.  This season we switched to TurboStats which is much easier to use and provides a wealth of information including 5 player combination reports, metrics and color coded shot charts that we can quickly print at halftime. So if teams want to scout us this season they're going to have to put in the time and come to our gym.  Thanks TurboStats for providing such an outstanding program." -Lenny D. 


Does TurboStats track Career Stats?


Absolutely.  Career stats are automatically tracked when you import players from year to year.


Does TurboStats work on an iPad?


TurboStats does not run on an iPad but can be viewed on an iPad with the Splashtop or VNC remote software app.  New 8" Windows tablets like the Dell Venue Pro cost about $200, far less than an iPad mini.  The iPad is a nice media device but our testing shows that for live data entry, an active digitizer pen or even a laptop and mouse work much more efficiently than an iPad. Windows based tablets support active digitizer pens that are just about 100% accurate and your hand can touch the screen without accidentally making a selection.  Plus an iPad does not have an SD card slot so forget about live video integration.  You can't put a camera card into your iPad and get instant video at halftime.  We support iPads and Android tablets for remotely viewing the live data only and TurboStats can turn your PC/Windows tablet into a mobile hotspot so you can connect your devices at home and away games easily.


How does TurboStats video compare with a web based solution?


Well first off, TurboStats is a real time system and all the video is synced live.  Other companies are scrambling to try to duplicate this feature but since it took us over 5 years to develop our live game system, it will probably take them a while.  All the video runs on the local machine, since PCs support the same SD memory cards as used in the video cameras, so it's very FAST.  Even with Hi-Def video.  You don't need a wifi or 3g connection to view video so you can watch it on the bus or on a plane and you don't have to pay data fees to watch your own video.  Most PC Laptops, Tablets or Ultrabooks have enough disk space so you can keep your entire season's game film on one computer and with the CyberLink software you can quickly produce highlight videos for your players that you can post for free on MaxPreps, YouTube or Facebook or any website you have permission.  CyberLink can also process video into much smaller Mp4 files so you can put your entire season on one SD card.  You can easily produce tendency videos of your opponents and post them online for your team to view.  A Facebook or private YouTube account works great and can save your program thousands of dollars per year by ditching your web provider.


Can TurboStats create recruitment videos for our players?


Yes.  The great thing about it is you can filter your clips by player, yards, events such as touchdowns, etc and even mark clips as Highlights while you score the game.  This way you can quickly make a tape for any player and burn a DVD or post it to YouTube, Facebook or MaxPreps for free.  You can literally post a highlight film of the game on YouTube/Facebook/MaxPreps within a half hour after the game is over.  A great way to promote your program and draw more fans to your games.


We use Hudl to upload our videos to our team site.  Can TurboStats Video work with Hudl?


Yes.  TurboStats 9.2 creates a CSV file that you can upload into Hudl so you don't have to break down your games twice. 


Does TurboStats offer Training classes?


No, there is actually no need for them.  Our software is very easy to learn and use and most coaches just use it right out of the box without a manual.  With over 20 years of experience our software engineers have figured out how to make very user friendly software with useful tips built in.  Since our programmers also provide the tech support,  they are motivated to make things easy to understand.

 Have a question not listed here?  Contact us at or call our sales line at 800-607-8287

Enter Stats Live, Post Game or Data Import

Metrics and Four Factors

View the Four Game Factors Live or Post Game

Single Game, Complete Season or Career

Oeff, eFG%, TS%, Ast%, eReb%, Eff, NET and more 
plus "Per Minute" statistics for every statistic

Great for Scouting and Recruiting

NET Rating highlights the top teams

Advanced NET Efficiency Rating System
(optional: can be turned off)

NET Rating highlights the top players

Use NET during live games to evaluate play

College Coaches/Scouts/Fans can purchase Data Packs 
for DI, DII and DIII seasons for just $49.95 ea. 
see Pricing/Features

Use NET at practice to measure improvement

(Example: 2013 National Champions UCONN Women's Team has 3 players in the top 10 NET Rating)

Sort by Any Category with One Click

Fully Customizable Efficiency Rating is also included

View NET ratings of the top 50 DI Men's college players from 2009-2012

Fully Customizable Reports



Two Ways to WebCast your Games
Team pays $45, Fans pay $0
HTML and iPad App

TurboStats for Basketball comes with a free HTML and PC based game viewer (see below) and also supports for more advanced casting and an iPad app viewer. The annual subscription to 805stats runs $45 for webcasting (free app for your fans) and can also host statistics for teams and leagues including complete league standings.  You can try webcasting free with 805stats for 14 days. Visit for more info. To activate press [Prefs][Options] in the TurboStats live scoring screen. 

805 Stats Game Viewer


Using 805stats for $45 per year is a much better value than having each of your fans pay separately for GameChanger.


Currently Free for Fans and the Media
subject to change in the future

TurboStats Game Cast

Team pays $0, Fans pay $0

  • Run Live or Post after the game is over to allow fans and media to see game stats and play by play

  • Live Animation of Shots from Actual Shooting Location

  • Pause, Rewind, Fast-forward Controls

  • Full Box Scores and Play-by-Play

  • Increase Game Excitement 

  • Built-in to All Versions of TurboStats Evolution for Basketball

  • Download the Free Viewing App for Windows PC.  HTML page for other devices

  • ReWatch the Full Game After Game is Over

  • Print Stats and Play by Play reports

  • Customizable Advertising and Logo

View Live Games on a Windows PC over the Internet with DVR style Controls
or Use the Standard HTML Page Updates on cell phones, iPads and Android Tablets
(to try it see the [Prefs][Options] button in Live Scoring screen of TurboStats Evolution for Basketball)
Free TurboStats Game Casting for your first season.

TurboStats Free Game Viewer for Windows PCs and Tablets only.

 DVR Version for Windows PC, Laptops and Tablets.  

see Sample TurboStats free HTML Version

New Features

Upgrading will not affect your existing data


New in TurboStats Evolution 9.2 from version 9.1  Upgrades from 9.0 and 9.1 starting at $19.95
  • Create a remote tabletop scoreboard with low cost USB or Wireless Monitors
      • Scoreboard automatically syncs with the scoreboard in TurboStats Live Game Scoring
      • Low cost 16" USB monitor available for $149 or 17" for $249 (for full size USB ports, powered by USB)
      • Windows 8.1 tablets can broadcast via wifi to a Miracast adapter ($69.95) connected to a TV monitor with HDMI
      • A VGA monitor can also be used if your laptop has an RGB port
      • See "Scoreboard" for more details
  • Import rosters and export play-by-play to Hudl, no more time wasted tagging video!
  • Free posting of stats (and box scores) online
  • XML output to upload to sites like to view live games, player and league stats and standings.  see for team/league hosting plans
  • Improved importing of rosters from MaxPreps
  • Turn scoring sound effects on or off
New in TurboStats Evolution 9.1 from version 9.0   
  • New tablet friendly design
  • Webcasting
    • Free posting of Box Scores online (great for media and fans)
    • Free Windows DVR App to view live games with animated shots
    • HTML based webcasting option for any device
  • Updated Playbook
    • Drag player onto the court and their uniform numbers replace the number 1-5
    • Customize the court colors
    • Larger, easy to press on a tablet buttons
    • Mirror Plays
    • Duplicated controls on bottom for tablet users
    • Improved icons for players and balls
  • Easier to use Practice Planner
  • New Stat Viewer with larger icons for tablets
    • Attach report to email button
    • Report options on bottom to turn any reports on/off
    • Print preview button
  • New Live Scoring Features
    • TurboSub: One-Click Substitutions. The fastest, easiest way to sub
    • Tag button for marking plays as highlights or training
    • Play and Replay buttons right on the live scoring screen
    • Webcasting games in HTML or DVR style with animated shots with free PC app
    • Advertising capabilities in webcasting for team fundraising
    • New Preferences
      • Option to turn off the default for missed shot by clicking the floor first
      • Option to turn off NET and display eFG% for live game summary
      • Option to show Game Factors on the top for wider displays
      • Automatically track play clip start and end time for video display
      • Option to set default clip length in seconds
      • Support for tracking plays that are run to the End without a shot or turnover
  • Improved Platinum and New ULTRA Scoring from Video and Video Clip Playback
  • Support up to 5 videos per game 
    • Supports one video per period
    • Supports one video per half
    • Supports one video per game
    • Support custom delay factors for each period for sync with live game video
    • Automatically renames and copies videos from camera or SD card
    • Save clip info after event is recorded when scoring by video
    • Edit offensive and defensive plays and options when watching video after the game so you can score live, sync the video with the play-by-play, then enter the play calls after the game is over while watching the video.  You can also tag clips as highlights, teaching or rate 1-10 
  • New Ultra Edition
    • Sort videos by any category
    • View sorted clips, one after another without having to wait to process a video project
    • Automatically creates CyberLink PowerDirector project files from any combination of sorted events
    • With CyberLink you can produce DVDs, and just about any video file format you need to post videos on the Web to YouTube or Facebook for free
    • Produce detailed scouting reports by scoring games live or from video, track how many times that each play is run with detailed scoring information for each play and defense

New in TurboStats Evolution 9.0 from version 8.0  Upgrades starting at $29.95

  • New Built in Live Game Scoring (with no Hotsyncing required)
  • Supports opening a second team and tracking all individual players on both teams
  • Prints combined NCAA style box scores for both teams
  • New multi report format
  • New Advanced Metrics
    • effective Field Goal Percentage
    • True shooting
    • Actual (True) Rebound Percentage
    • Estimated Rebound Percentage
    • Possessions, Usage Rate and more
  • New NET player rating developed over a 5 year period by analyzing over 10,000 college, pro and high school games.  Highlights your most effective and efficient scorers
  • Per minute statistics for all categories for true performance comparisons 
  • New web style report viewing with hyperlinks to access player individual stats and forward/back buttons
  • New Scoring from Video which controls the video and game clock and supports automatically stopping the video to record events plus 6 second replay button
  • Support player photos in the reports and during live scoring
  • Tracks statistics for an unlimited number of plays and options during a live event
  • Tracks 5 player in-game combination reports
  • Plus much, much more...



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TurboStats Minimum System Requirements:  Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista & XP.  10 MB Disk Space.  

CyberLink Video Processing Requirements (Ultra Only):  Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista or XP SP2.  512 Ram for XP or 3GB Ram for 32 bit OS.  5GB Hard disk Space

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