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2011-12 Price List
TurboStats Evolution for Basketball is available in 4 versions to accommodate any level of play.
Upgrades are available to move between versions.  All prices include a CD and electronic manual and 

There are no support fees or annual fees to use this software next season

TURBOSTATS Evolution for Basketball
A New Era in Basketball Statistics


Complete Live ProSeries Platinum
Court Layout & Lineup Cards X X X X
Offensive, Defensive and Team Stats X X X X
Player, Team, Game, Opponent Stats X X X X
Career Stats X X X X
Leader Reports X X X X
Automatic Team Website Creation X X X X
Mailing Labels X X X X
Shot Charting X X X X
Practice Planner X X X X
and MaxPrep Upload support   X X X
TurboPlanner which Includes:

Practice Planner

League Scheduler

League Standings

Draft Planner

  X X X
Advanced Animated Playbook with:
Screens, Automatic Dribble Lines, Multiple Pass Options, Defense Symbol Selection, Combined Step output, Print Preview & more
    X X
Standalone Playbook viewer for team distribution with playbook files       X
Standard Per Game Statistics X X X X
Standard Made/Miss Shot Charts X X X X
Live Game Scoring for Both Teams   X   X
User Customizable Efficiency Calculation   X X X
NET (Normalized Efficiency Total) TM   X X X
Game Factor Team Metrics   X X X
Advanced Individual Metrics X X X X
Per Minute Statistics       X
Player +/- Combinations Reports       X
Scouting Breakdown by Plays and Options       X
Scouting Breakdown by Defense       X
Scouting Breakdown by Point Guard       X
Color Coded Shot Chart  for TO, 2nd Chance, Transition Baskets, Last Sec Shots       X
Contested vs Uncontested Shots       X
Video Integration and clip log in play by play       X
Live Game Simulcasting via Internet 
(available soon)

List Price PC Software

*Online Discount Price














To Run TurboStats on a MAC requires the use of Parallells Desktop

Although no longer required for live game scoring, SCOREKEEPER still works with TurboStats Evolution to allow traditional stat tracking on a Palm handheld computer.  ScoreKeeper works with any version of TurboStats but does not track all the stats available with Platinum or the advanced color coded shot charts.  ScoreKeeper is still a viable scoring option especially if you don't have a spotter available because it's easy to score and watch the game.
Optional Palm Software for Live Game Scoring
ScoreKeeper for the Palm Pilot
Stand alone Price


Attention users of TurboStats 1-8:  TurboStats 9.0 works with all your existing data.  Upgrade from any previous version is available see online order form  
ScoreKeeper is the Palm Scoring Software chosen by Palm Inc.

* Online pricing good for all orders made using our online order form

Minimum System Requirements:  Windows 98, ME or NT, 2000, XP, VISTA, Windows 7 or 8. 
 8 MB RAM.  8 MB Free Disk.

Guaranteed to Work as Advertised
see Return Policy

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