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TurboStats 60 Day Return Policy

In an effort to assure to our customers that all TurboStats Software products are the finest available and work as advertised, TurboStats extends to its customers a 60 Day Money Back evaluation period on all PC password protected products.  This evaluation period begins on the purchase date and continues for up to 60 days thereafter. If at any time during the 60 day evaluation period the user requests that a password be given to them by phone or email (or opens the sealed password card), the money back guarantee period with be terminated.  All sales of ScoreKeeper for the Palm OS are final as the product is not password protected.  However if ScoreKeeper fails to run as advertised on your Palm PDA, a return may be authorized.  All TurboStats and ScoreKeeper products are available as free demos to allow the user time to evaluate the products fully.

All TurboStats PC Software disks are guaranteed to be free of defects for a period of 60 days from the date of purchase.  TurboStats will replace any disk that does not install free of charge during that period.  After 60 days if a disk becomes damaged by the user a replacement disk can be purchased.

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