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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I view my Opponent's total stats in my team reports like the old version of TurboStats.
A: Add a player called Opponents to your team roster then either:

  1. Score a live game and make sure you add at least 5 players to the opposing teams roster even if you just use Player 1 make sure there are 5 players in the game.  When you enter the final period (on the scoreboard) and then exit the live game you will be prompted to compile the Opponents total stats.
  2. Enter stats after the game and add the player Opponents into the game lineup and enter the total stats for the Opponent manually.

Q: Why doesn't my video display in the media player.
A:  Windows Media Player plays different formatted videos using various filters called codecs.  Windows 8 does not include some of the older formats like  .mpg and you need to download and install additional codecs, then restart the media player.  See Codecs for Win 8 

Q. How do I print in landscape mode ?  
A.  Use the File>Print > [Setup] menu

Q. How do I delete a player from game line up? 
A. use the menu Players > Remove from lineup

Q. How do I print multiple reports on one page ? 
A. Use File > Page Setup > click off the [ ] page break box.

Q:  I get an error message starting TurboStats "component threed.vbx of one of it's dependencies is not properly registered".  
Solution: Try starting with the "Run as Administrator" option or turn off User Account Controls and Reboot  see instructions

Q: How to I import rosters from MaxPreps or other websites
A. Watch the demonstration from our football program below 

Please report any undocumented problems or enhancement ideas to evolution@turbostats.com