TurboStats Software Updates

Download the latest and previous versions.


Make sure to fully close your TurboStats application before you download the updated version.

Latest Versions

BETA Version

Download Beta Version 11.0t

Download Beta Version 11.0s

Download Beta Version 11.0r

Last Released Versions

Download Full Version 11.0g

New Team Website see sample

Version S

NEW MAXPREPS importer that works with Chrome and Firefox.  Prevents pages from displaying below the taskbar.

Version R

New Live Score max start mode allows scaling the live screen with one tap of the [^] button, no need to press the [<>] button first. (see [Prefs][Display Options] to turn on/off).

Enhancements to EDIT:  fix Insert if the event inserted is a scoring play,  fix to Edit for Visitor team score posting correctly and the margin.

Enhancements to the Team Website:   better display of update processing status, new silhouette images for player photos that are missing. 

New Video Record icon in the Playbook Designer to create MP4 videos of any play (Window 10 users only, note: you can also record your voice if you turn the microphone on). Enhancements include faster Live Game screen changes.

New option in Live Scoring to increase/decrease the font size by using Alt +, and Alt - (note: your curser must be active in the boxscore to do this)

Beta Version O

Added new background floors in the Team Website and Web Box Scores.  Added option for linking player highlight videos to their roster page listing. (to do this paste the URL to the youtube videos in the player roster fields for Address and Note.  Rename these field headings to Highlights Video 1, and Highlight Video 2.  Next, when you create the Team Website, sync the Roster page to see the links.  Fix: don't create a video link in the web boxscore when the highlight video field is the default "http"//".

Beta Version L

This new version L has our new live game [EDIT] feature that can also INSERT and DELETE events from the timeline in live scoring.

Beta Version K

Download Beta Version 11.0K

This new version K has our new live game [EDIT] feature (select an event in the event list and the UNDO button changes to EDIT. 

Plus creates new Team Sites with the option of password protecting the stats or the entire site. 

Site and stats can be viewable on any device with a web browser.  See sample page  Trilogy


Released/Fully Tested Versions


Support for modifying the player's name in the play by play if a shot or other statistic needs to be swapped

Condensed box score to fit in landscape mode

Support for adjusting box score font size in Preferences


Sample Practice Rosters


Note: if Windows Defender does not let you install the self extracting files, download the Zip version instead and choose "Save As" and save them in the c:\basket folder.  Then browse the c:\basket folder, right click on the zip file and choose "Extract All"