Thank you for your interest in our products.  Below are some of the most commonly asked presales questions.

Q: What is the difference between TurboStats Complete . ProSeries and ScoreKeeper?

The main difference is the ProSeries version is that it includes the new advanced animated playbook and a practice planner.  Here is the full comparison chart.


List Price $69.95 $69.95 $99.95
Web Online Order Price   $59.95 
save $10
save $10
Score games live on PC or LAPTOP   X X
Score games live on PDA (Palm OS see supported models) X    
Enter stats from scorebook   X X
Import stats   X* X*
Export games X* X* X*
Print completed scoresheets X    
Design blank scoring pages   X X
Print box score X* X* X*
Create box score web page X* X* X*
Print play-by-play X    
Create play-by-play web page X    
Print individual game report X X X
Edit Stats from desktop   X X
Edit/Undo games on PDA X    
Beam lineups to other ScoreKeeper users X    
Beam game files to other PDA's      


Track player statistics  X X X
Track shot charts X X X
Print player season statistics   X X
Print shot charts   X X
Create Game Types 
conference, non-conference, etc
 X X X
Individual game statistics reports X X X
Create HTML statistics   X X
Fully customized stat reports   X X
Leader reports   X X
League standings/team records   X X
League stat merge with leaders   X X

Other Features 

MaxPreps upload     X
Efficiency formulas    X X
Player "in game" combination reports     X
Career Stats   X X
Practice Planner     X
League Scheduler     X
Advanced Animated Playbook     X

*  TurboStats and ScoreKeeper bundle is required
1  Stats are tracked but not viewable without TurboStats PC Software
2  A copy of ScoreKeeper is required to use this feature

Q: Will ScoreKeeper work without a copy of TurboStats?
A:  ScoreKeeper is a live game scoring program designed to take advantage of the convenience of the Palm PDA platform for its size, battery life, instant on and touch screen interface.  You can store unlimited games on the PDA (only limited by memory) and view basic stats right on the PDA screen for individual games and ALL games.  Due to the limited screen size only 17 stats are viewable on the PDA.  Shot charts for players by game and cumulative are viewable on the PDA.  You can also view team totals on the PDA.  Without TurboStats on the PC you can hotsync and print individual game summaries and play by play reports but not seasonal stat reports.  TurboStats on the PC is designed for advanced statistic reporting of up to 100 stats per player and imports player "in game" combination reports from ScoreKeeper game data.  TurboStats also prints Shot Chart diagrams and allows reports to be created for conference, non conference, tournament and other game types.  If you are a fan, parent or youth coach who does not require printed reports or does not need to analyze performance data, you can use ScoreKeeper standalone with good results.  TurboStats can be added in the future if you needs change.  
Q: Will ScoreKeeper work on a Laptop?
A:  No and Yes.  No because there is nothing we can sell you to make it work.  Yes because Palm offers developers an emulator program that can popup a Palm session on your PC or Laptop.  We don't support this functionality but if you visit Palm's developer site you can get a copy of the emulator from them.  visit the Palm Developer Site.  Please don't call our support site on this issue.  If you use the emulator you are on your own. It does work well but you won't be able to hotsync and must know how to manually move games from the emulator to your palm user backup directories.  And by the way,  you must have a palm to do this because you need the palm desktop software loaded on your PC regardless.

TurboStats 8.0 will run on a laptop and score a live game for one team along with the totals for the opponents.

Q: What  PDA's will run ScoreKeeper?
A: ScoreKeeper is designed to run on any Palm OS PDA.  If you will be using it outside, get a high resolution color screen or monochrome.  Low resolution screens like the Z22 are hard to see in the sunlight.  Centro, Treo 755p, 650p, 700p, Tungsten C, E2, E, TX, T5  Zire 71 and Zire 72 are great choices.  ScoreKeeper runs on the Palm Pre with Classic App.  ScoreKeeper will also run on a Windows Mobile PDA with optional StyleTap (you need to install the palm desktop software and copy the game files to the PC)
  • Also Supports
  • Palm Pilot IIIe, IIIc, V, Vx, M100, Handspring Visor, Treo 600 or 650, IBM Workpad or Sony Clie or  any other pda running the Palm Operating System 3.0 or higher and  least 250k available memory.
  • ScoreKeeper App requires 200K free space.  Each game requires approx 8-12K (based on number of events).  
    example: A 2 MB Palm can hold about 200 concurrent games.  Games can be removed after Hot Sync for Unlimited Capacity.  The Tungsten E2 has 32 MB.
  • We do not support Pocket PC, IPAQ, HP Jordana or any other CE handheld however it will run on these devices if you use Style Tap software (see below).  Only on Palm OS Operating Systems.  Works on all model Palm Pilots, Handsprings and Sony Handhelds.  Does not support the Treo 700.
Q: Will ScoreKeeper run on Windows Mobile,  Pocket PC or the iPhone?

ScoreKeeper runs on the Palm Pre with Classic App.   Since the Pre does not support a stylus, data entry is not as precise as a PDA.   ScoreKeeper will also run on a Windows Mobile PDA and jailbroken IPhone/ITouch with optional StyleTap Software running.  Visit for more information.  Your investment in ScoreKeeper will continue to be supported with us and will be supported on other devices in the future.  Hotsyncing with StyleTap is not as easy as using a Palm PDA but can be done.

Q: Will ScoreKeeper work on Windows 7 or Vista 64
A: Yes:  ScoreKeeper and your PDA will work with Wiindows 7 or Vista 64 however you might not be able to hotsync with USB and will need to use Bluetooth, Wireless or Memory Card Hotsyncing.  There are other easy options to work around this limitation including Windows XP Mode in Windows 7: see 64 Bit support