Over 200 Actual Quotes from Email Messages:

"Hello Turbostats,  I just wanted to let you know that we purchased TurboStats for use in 2002 Babe Ruth Ohio Valley Regional Tournament hosted by Appleton, Wisconsin.
We have been able to provide coaches with complete statistics for each of their games prior to their leaving the field.  I believe every team participating took your website address so that they could purchase the software for their leagues.  They have all been extremely impressed.
Thanks, Turbostats, for helping us make our regional tournament a great success!"

Ruth and Larry Woelfel, Tournament Directors

"This time last year I purchased TurboStats 11.0 and ScoreKeeper 6.0 to use for our high school baseball program. What a great investment it was!! I've truly enjoyed both programs. My fellow coaches love the stat printouts. My players even wanted to learn how to keep score so they could "do the Palm." I love the time both programs save! Great work!"  -Ryan Walker,  Osbourn High School Baseball - Manassas, VA

" I've used Scorekeeper 6.0 now for a couple of years now and love it. Any new versions on the horizon? Thanks" - Barry
Barry Gray

"I have the latest version of the Turbostats software (Baseball), and I have the ScoreKeeper for my palm.  Thanks, this is really a great product, and after using this for the last 7 months, I can say the only errors in scoring came from my input". - Scott Hayden

"I purchased the softball TurboStats program a few months ago and I am extremely happy with the product." -  Barb Smetana - San Diego Thunder Softball Organization

"TurboStats for Basketball: This software is the best I've used and I've used many. Thanks again"  Coach Mike Cox

"First of all, Ive been using Turbostats and Scorekeeper for 3 seasons now for my sons AAU travel team.  It is terrific!  I used to have incomplete and minimal stats and that was after an hour+ of entering information into spreadsheets.  Now I have complete stats available in just a few minutes." - Randy Cole

"My name is Matt Schwenke; I am an assistant baseball coach at Santa Margarita Catholic High School in Orange County , CA .  I have been using the Turbo Stats software for the last two years for our website and love it.  I started using a Palm this past year during the game for stat keeping and it worked out great." -  Matt Schwenke Information Technology Department Santa Margarita Catholic High School  

"I've been using your products for several years. I currently own TurboStats, Scorekeeper, and TurboScout to chart our players and opponents. It definitely gives us an edge. I've tried Digital Scout and found your product to be superior. Keep up the good work. -Christopher M. Cimino  Head Varsity Baseball CoachMesa Verde High School

"P.S.  I love the new tools in Version 12.  Being able to have player information readily available made a positive impact on our team results this spring (and amazed some parents at the detail we could produce)."  - Steve

"AWESOME! We love the program.  We love having the spray charts accessible during the game.  The ease of use is terrific, most of the other coaches are asking what we are doing with the palm in our dugout.  Keep up the great work.  Thanks and we will use and recommend this product to other coaches.  (Except the coaches in our league :-)  we don't want them to have the advantage we have. :-) Thanks. Scott Mastroianni Varsity coach - Moorpark High School

"Thanks, Diana.  I presently have TS 8.0 & would love to upgrade.  The $45 price is fine----actually cheap considering the quality of the program. "  Thanks, Sue Ellen Lyons

"I am a high school baseball coach and your program comes highly recommended." -Scott Davisson Head Coach West High Bakersfield, California

"BTW, your program is phenominal!.  Thanks" - Bill Dobrolsky Asst Varsity Baseball Coach Blue Mountain High School (PA).

"Thanks for keeping this product going - it made big game differences last year" - J Moffatt

"I am a high school baseball coach and I love your software, it has saved me hours upon hours of time on compiling statistics.  I just started using Scorekeeper this year and it has also saved me time. " - Bryan Wallen Head Baseball Coach Central High School

"I manage and help coach a 10U travel team in the San Diego area.  I also coach 2 of my kid's rec teams. I just downloaded the trial version of the Scorekeeper and installed it on my Palm M500. This is the greatest thing I've ever seen! ... Nice job. I'll buy the complete version soon.  Thanks" -  Skip Wilson, Team Mizuno Reds

"I have TurboStats for Baseball (both Palm and Desktop) and have become somewhat dependent on it for coaching my Little League team.  It's amazing how stats can placate some parents with regard to batting order, etc. and the kids love seeing how they're doing.  - Cheers!" - Chris Park

"Love your product.  It was great having it last season." - Ross Hirschmann

"Was a TurboStats football user and then I tried your baseball software as well, both GREAT programs." -Coach Brian Hein

"All the players ask what their stats are.  It helps with were the ball was hit last time. My daughter who is one of the pitchers, the minute the game is over she comes running over to get the palm to see how she did. Thank you " -MaryAnn Perry

"Thanks for the email about my order. I'm just writing to let you know that you guys are the best. I haven't received TurboScout yet but I already know that's it's top notch. I can't wait to get started using another great program."  - Coach Murray

"I just returned from Florida and the Palm and scorekeeper worked great.  It was very easy to use and it kept great stats." - J Brock

"I have been using TurboStats for the last four or five years, but this is the first year that I have used ScoreKeeper and I am VERY impressed with it.  We have used it to score all 62 games that we played this year.  Thanks, and keep up the great work.  TurboStats and Scorekeeper are both outstanding products.  We recommend them both to nearly every coach and manager that we talk to"  -Doug Miller

"The TurboStats 3.a version for Football was a HUGE help to our program last fall, and our team finished runner-up in the 2A division in Iowa HS Football with a record of 12-1. The reports I was able to generate not only proved invaluable throughout the season, but offered a most complete pkg for the players at season's end!"  -Steven R. Wright

"I have used turbostats for baseball for the past couple of years.  My son's travel team LOVES turbostats.  It often gives us a real advantage over our opponent since we can remember more about the last time we played them (since we have it on the palm pilot)." - Ken

"Are you going to make a basketball program for the palm pilot?  I have ScoreKeeper for the palm and love it.  I've recommended it to every coach I know.  I also coach basketball and would love to have the same thing for basketball" -  Holly Rhoads  Cleveland Public Schools

"Don -- Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  That did the trick.  I appreciate your prompt response on this.  Thanks again.  --"  Jay Rowh, Beloit High School

"I am an independent sales rep for a few sporting goods lines. I think you have a tremendous product. Would you be interested in letting me do some sales for you in the North Carolina area? Thanks,"  Jay Burcham

"I expect that being a smaller company, your tech staff is limited.  Although my questions have not been very technical/difficult, I want to say how thankful I am for your quick responses.  Your personal attention to my questions makes me wish all of our software was purchased from similar companies." -Kevin Hackert

"First, let me start by saying that I have tried all software out there, and for the last couple of years we have used nothing but Turbo Stats & Scorekeeper.  Wonderful job!" -Jack Beech, Keller Storm

"I am a Little League coach (9-10 year olds) and thanks to TurboStats, my life is much easier when it comes to generating lineups and figuring out inning-by-inning positioning. Thanks," - Chris Park

"BTW, GREAT product!  I'm really excited about using the Practice Planner, the Situation Editor and of course the stats" - Mike

"My name is George Souza & I coach baseball at Cruickshank Middle School . I purchased Turbostats 10.0 last season and worked really well for our program. It helped me to motivate our team to try harder and that resulted in a league championship." - George Souza

"I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was using the ScoreKeeper this year. It's phenomenal.  There were plenty of inquiries at the OCAA fastball championships as opposing teams were wondering what I was doing.  They were all amazed.  No more scorebooks for me." - Gerry Desormeau - Canadore College

"Many of our teams in the Girls All-star Program in Calgary, Alberta are currently using the TurboStats program and find it very user friendly." - Shelley Bali

"I purchased TurboStats and ScoreKeeper in June of this year and absolutely love the product." -Diane Davis

"Dear Turbostats- First off I love your software.  It's amazing and it's the best of all the ones I demoed, which is why I bought yours above all others." - Kathleen Haley

"I have used Turbo Stats for baseball for years.  I purchased the Palm version 3 years ago.  It was the perfect palm application.  It was so easy to use during a game, and synching it to the desktop application for cumulative stats was outstanding.  I am now involved and soccer and was wondering if you have a Palm version for your soccer statistics program."  - Larry

"Used this past two weeks at the AFA nationals and the USSSA Nationals. very impressed." Thank You - Robert Wabol

"Thanks for such a fun software program that is so easy to use." - Mike O'leary

"I'm a current user of baseball turbostats and scorekeeper and it's working great.  Keep up the good work." - Mike Dydo

"Thanx!  Your program was the best I tested out of 8 or 10 I looked at.  Would like to eventually install the scoring program too.  Take care." -  Greg

"First off let me say i've really enjoyed your product.  it has helped with my wifes softball team stats last year and deciding how to make the line up work for each game." - Jon Lyster

"I downloaded TurboStats for Baseball and have played around with it.  I have downloaded about 10 competing stats programs, and yours seems to fit my needs best of all....  TurboStats is obviously light years ahead of the other options." -Scott Parks

"My name is Robert Pincus and I coach the Central florida Renegades. I purchases the stat program last year to use with my palm pilot.  Well, we won the NABF 18-under World Series and the palm pilot program was awesome." - Bob Pincus

"I've been using TurboStats Baseball for 3 years and absolutely love the product." -Brett Kelly

"First of all I would like to tell you how much I appreciate and love your ScoreKeeper (PDA) and Pro Series Turbo Stats programs.  These two programs have saved be an incredible amount of time in providing the stats for my daughters 16U Fastpitch Softball Travel Ball team.  I am the dugout coach and general fielding coach and one of my duties is to score the games and provide stats to the rest of the management team.  It would take me hours to produce the minimum stats needed and now in minutes I can generate stats that make the manager's head spin.-Tom Quinn  

"I purchased your software in September, and feel that I have really saved some time entering stats of my daughter's fast pitch team this fall. I probably tried 5 different trial versions of stats software during the summer months with her Tournament Team and decided TurboStats was the best. My fall fast pitch team had 6 coaches that are also managers in our rec. league, and all were impressed how fast I got the stats back to the players and how complete they were. There was a lot of thought that went into this software to cover many types of leagues, and for that I thank-you."

"My name is Janice Baumann.  My husband just purchased TurboStats ProSeries and ScoreKeeper on 3/26/02.  Both of these products work exactly as he had hoped.  A wonderful tool. " -Janice Baumann

"Thanks. (By the way, this is the best product for baseball record keeping since the pencil eraser. All our parents are very impressed!)"  -Brent Stephans

"I use scorekeeper to score my son's travel baseball team's games.  It's a great program and someone suggested this weekend at Palm Springs' Big League Dreams ballpark that I should be in marketing for you.  I get lots of questions all the time and I enjoy showing off your product. .... Thanks for lots of fun" -Walt Fuller

"I use ScoreKeeper 4.0 on my palm and download into TurboStats 8.0.  I've never been happier with the ease of inputing stats." - Kellie Flowers  Lake Travis High School

"I LOVE the scorecard on my Palm, courtesy of the trial version beamed onto my Palm at PacBell Park. I have three games I've scored on my Palm using it, and am anxious to see the printed output." - Allen Hirsch

"Two years ago I purchased Proseries 8.0 And Scorekeeper from you and used it for my 2000 varsity baseball season.  By the way, I loved it and it made my nights after games much shorter not dealing with adding up and keeping stats." -Eric K. Sell

"Ok Guys, I absolutely love the ease of using ScoreKeeper from the coaching box as a college coach. I have been able to modify my signals since my hands can be occupied.  Thanks again for a GREAT product!" - Coach Barb Russo Lees-McRae College Softball

"I have been pushing your excellent product here on the shoreline of Connecticut.  I coach American Legion Baseball and my brother-in-law coaches high school.  He is ordering a copy this year.  My son's high school coach is also ordering a copy.  And I know at least 4 other people who were VERY interested in the product when they saw me using it last summer.  It is the BEST product for scorekeeping on the market. "  - Mark DeMazza

"I've been using your TurboStats now for about 6 months and the program is fantastic.  Our team's coaches cannot believe the stats that the program is providing." -Bob Seeman

"I have Turbostats 8.0 and Scorekeeper 4.0. I started with Turbostats 4.0 in 1997 and have been using ever since. Combined with Scorekeeper, it's the best program available. It surpasses Baseball Coach, Scorepad, and Scoreit with ease. Great job folks!"  Thanks, -Lou Murray

"Great programs. I would not want to score a game without ScoreKeeper and TurboStats. Our team loves the stats the software compiles. Thanks"  -Russell Fife. Sliders Fastpitch Softball 2001 Tournament Coordinator and Webmaster

"I just bought scorekeeper ver 4 and turbo stat pro ver 9. I love not worrying about the book I was carrying, and even after only two games, 1 practice and 1 real, I think the product is great.  I love the product."  - Regards, W. Taylor Cooper

"My name is Larry Tait and I recently purchased the Turbostats system with scorekeeper for my palm.  I am keeping scores for a girls softball team and the system is fabulous!!! "

"Dear Turbo Stats, I bought your product this year because I have to keep track of my kids three different teams. I use ScoreKeeper in my Palm Pilot and it is spectacular. I really like being able to look at what the opponents have done against us in past games. It really helps adjusting the defense."- A big fan,    Terry Cramer

"I have been using Scorekeeper on my Visor for 2 years now and find it a great tool for the coaches. It also helps players on the team when applying to colleges and they need up to date stats for their applications.  Keep up the good work."  - Steve Stanczyk

"I have been using your Turbostats program for the past few years and appreciate your continued upgrades to improve upon an already quality product. "  -Mike Renney

"FYI - I have completed 14 little league games on scorekeeper->turbostats this season (first use of the products) and I am very pleased with theresults (of the software, not the team)." Howard J. Levy

"The program is great and makes keeping the stats easer than ever before. " Thanks -Steve Dennis

"I bought version 4.0 Scorekeeper and 8.0 Turbostats about 1-2 years ago. I have really enjoyed it with my teams. I have probably had a half dozen friends buy one after they saw mine." - George Richmond 

"Iv'e been using Scorekeeper & TurboStats for about a year to track my daughter's travel softball team (L.I. Chargers 16U).  Both programs do a terrific job and I'm starting to see more people start to use Scorekeeper at the tournaments.  Thanks for the help and keep up the good work!"  -Matt Courtney

"Thanks! This an awsome program! Add me to the list of supporters." -Mike Oliver

"Thanks and I love your products.  They save me loads of time doing my stats." -Jim Core Boise, ID

"Thanks for your help...and I really enjoy your program and it's scorekeeper companion.  It is a life saver...when I need stats done, it is only a click away." - Marty Little - Clever High School

"I'm now into my third season using Scorekeeper to score high school baseball games. Version 4.0 handles just about every game situation easily and correctly and is a blast to use.   Scorekeeper coupled with TurboStats has greatly reduced the amount of time required for me to provide game summaries and stats to coaches and area newspapers." -G. Metoyer 

"I have been a user of Turbostats Baseball 8.0 Pro Version for a year now, and have just purchased the upgrade to 9.0 version. I downloaded the scorekeeper before this season started and have also purchased it. The scorekeeper is fun and provides better stats than trying to go back through the game in written form.... You have an excellent product that I have been showing off at several games each week. People are starting to come to me to see what the score is or how Johnny is doing either pitching or hitting instead of the scorekeeper." -Mark Redick

"I am writing primarily to thank you all for the wonderful software. I have had a chance to work with the Palm scoring software and I really like it. The system is pretty much as simple as it could be. I look forward to using to score a live Major League game. Thank you for a great product." -B. Phillips

"I have used TurboStats in the past and am very pleased with the program and want to get the latest version that you are advertising for $89.95." -E. Petterson, Dakota State University Head Baseball Coach

"Dear Sirs: I first started using your program when version 5 was the newest. I must say I have upgraded without regret over the last few years. Your product is the best stat and scoring program around .. Thanks for your help and a terrific program." -Louis Murray

"I recently upgraded to turbo stats 9.0 and purchased scorekeeper for my visor. I have scored 3 practice games and scorekeeper is fantastic. no more long hours at the computer inputting data." Thanks - Rudy Odom

" I have enjoyed using Turbostats - I kept both Bethel College stats, where I'm presently working and the high school stats of the school that I had previously coached (30 years). Now I'm into my 40th year of coaching and still learning and loving it." - Dick Siler

"First of all I want to thank you for your excellent ScoreKeeper software that I use on my palm pilot. It is awesome! I used to carry a pitch counter, red pen for hit direction & for marking the first pitch to a batter and a pencil to record everything else to every game. I was so into the game just trying to keep up with everything that I was pretty grouchy during the games. No one would even ask me the score because they were sure to receive a frosty gaze from me. How dare they interrupt me! After the game I would take my manual score sheet and enter the stats into my computer taking up more of my time. Now that I use your software I actually have time to converse with the parents during the game and enjoy the opportunity to keep score. Downloading and publishing the stats is a breeze freeing up more valuable time for other personal pursuits." -B. Rollins -Nevada Wildcats Scorekeeper

"We purchased your TurboStats for basketball this past fall hear at Blackman High School in Murfreesboro, TN and have been very pleased thus far. S. Lawless

"I bought v. 8 (complete) of BB/SB last year and I have found the program to be great."- Regards, J. H. Downs, Jr.

"Thanks for the help. Your stat program has certainly made keeping the "book" much easier on me. Thanks" -Mike Springli

"Thank you for your quick reply. Your program looks really great and I'll be purchasing a copy soon" - S. Werner Creative Leadership Solutions

"I am a happy new ScoreKeeper 4.0 owner, and I have been working with it a lot in the last week or so. It is going to save me so much time - I usually spend at least an hour after every game summarizing my scoresheets and entering data into spreadsheets." -K. Nilsen

"I have decided that I want TurboStats 9.  I have thought and searched over different products and I feel like this is the best one. Thank you.. C. Coleman, Harmony High School

"Thanks for a great product, I coach a girls fastpitch softball team that travels all over the country, and I talk up your product everywhere I go.   I have been using turbostats and scorekeeper for over two years. Thanks for a great product.   Turbostats helps me be a better coach by helping me analyze the performance of my team." - B. Perconti

"I'm writing on behalf of Finnish Baseball and Softball Federation. Finnish Baseball and Softball Federation has decided to buy Turbo Stats 8.0for helping us to make statistic of our national baseball league. Best Regards" - J. Anttila,  Finnish Basesball & Softball Federation

"Thanx! I love the football and basketball versions and couldn't survive without them." -B. Denney

"While we have other software titles, I think you and I both know that TurboStats is top dog and that it makes sense for us to feature you."  - Richard Todd.   Editor/Designer/Head Coach, WebBall the baseball skills clinic

"I love your product and we use it to produce our stat reports for the Pontiac Holiday basketball tournament, the oldest and best in America. Thank you," - T. Shields

"Since purchacing the latest version of turbo stats everyone I talk to wants to get the software. This is such a great product." - Coach Rutherford, Loveland Rage Softball

"Turbostats - Thanks so much for a tremendous product. I ordered and used Turbostats (version 5.0) for basketball last season. I especially enjoy the ability to get in and tweak the stats you personally want to highlight." -Coach D. Laughlin

"I have been using your Scorekeeper program this season and love it. It is easy to use and makes stat keeping more accurate and detailed. I have had opposing coaches and one reporter ask how it works and where to get it." - A. Knotek

"Anything exciting on the works for either product? (TurboStats ProSeries or ScoreKeeper)  I can't see how you could possibly do much to improve it (except maybe finding a way to more conveniently move players up and down the lineup). Still love the product." P. Topham

"I have your program for softball statistics and I am trying to finding a program for the volleyball team.  I was wondering if it has the capability to be used with a palm pilot?  That has been an unbelievable time-saver with the softball stats. I am sold on the product and I have been spreading the word. Thanks,"-  B. Beck

"I would like to just to tell you that I have just put in an order for the ProSeries stat program for basketball with the auto playbook. It looks great and I have down loaded the sample of the TurboStats and it works great. I am looking forward to the ProSeries coming to me. 5 to 7 days just does not seem fast enough. I am very excited to begin to use this autoplay book for my plays. You people have a great thing going in this product and I wish all the luck with it. Thank you for sharing it with me and the general public." -  J H. Almy

"Hey! I just purchased the full ScoreKeeper program after getting the feel for the demo version. I used it last weekend at my daughter's fast-pitch tournament and it was a big hit (no pun intended)! It's easy to use, even in a fast-paced game and has the little features needed to simplify scorekeeping (import roster, swap home<->away, undo etc.) You guys really have a winner on your hands!  BTW: I'm using SK on my Visor & it works like a champ.  Keep up the good work!" - M. Courtney, Long Island Chargers 14U

"I've been using Turbo Stats all summer, for my Pony team as well as the 9-year-old all star team. Hopefully, I've got some customers coming your way. All the coaches love what I can do with the product; so hopefully, they'll buy Turbo Stats." - F. Roman

"I've enjoyed using the Turbostat program. It has helped me automatically figure out percentages without using a calculator. The kids like to see how they are doing as individuals as well as team results." - D. Messer

"I started using TurboStats ScoreKeeper this year and I love it. Maintaining opponents stats assisted in a couple victories by helping us adjust defensively." -D. Rem

"I want to THANK YOU so very much with that little tid-bit about being able to print these scored game sheets. That truly makes your product a well rounded leading product. Thanks again." -  J. Brown III

"I’ve been using Tubrostats 8.0 and Scorekeeper 4.0. By far, the best season I’ve had keeping stats. Have people at every game asking me questions and have been sending them to your site. Thanks again." -Steve

"I have recently purchased Turbostats and Scorekeeper for Palm Pilot. This is really going to be a great time saver for me. My scorekeeper used Scorekeeper for the first time in a live game tonight with complete success! She even figured out how to use the Mercy Rule for a run-shortened inning while the game was going on. " - M. A. Forehand

"I have now used Turbostats/Scorekeeper in combination for two seasons, this year generating stats for the entire league in addition to my team, posting on the web, etc. Both products are great and seem to be far more powerful than anything else I have seen or read about... Thanks again for a great product."  - A. Grogan

"Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. Love your product."  -C. Cimino Head Baseball Coach Mesa Verde High School

"Hi my name is Jason Jensen and I downloaded the trial version your Baseball Scorekeeper Desktop and Palm software. I went to a baseball (LA vs. AZ) game and used my Palm (Scorekeeper) to keep score. I loved it, by the way!" - J. Jensen

"I have been on owner of TurboStats for three years and I absolutely love the product." -W. Smith

"I enjoy this program immensely! It has been extremely helpful to me and my coaches." Sincerely,  V. Ketterer

"I have Turbostats 7.0- excellent program. Extremely easy to use- great info!" - A. Weiss

"I use Turbo Stats for my baseball team and am thrilled with it. I remember reading somewhere about an upcoming version for ice hockey somewhere. When?? I'd like to get it for the upcoming season if possible. Thanks for a great product." - S. Mescanti

"I used TurboStats and Palm Pilot application last summer (strictly Win 95) and can vouch for each application's power. Superb programs! Thanks." -Tom Snyder

"I love Turbostats for basketball. It is the best stat program that I have seen and the nice thing about it is the ease of use and the cost. Keep up the great work!!" - R. Totten, Navarre High School

"Hello. I ordered Turbostats for Baseball/Softball and I'm extremely pleased with it. It is a very well conceived product -simple and easy to use. I was wondering about the status of your hockey product. When will that become available?" -Gary

"Thanks for such good stuff. I will be looking at the site for further patches or upgrades. I will tell you again, you hands down are the best software in this line of statistics." - C. Cone

"Thanks for the update. I have already purchased the Turbo Stats software and like it so much that I had to have the addional software for my Palm V." -Jon Koskey

"I've scored 4 season, 2 summer and 2 fall on my palm, and love the ScoreKeeper program.  Thanks!" 

"I really like this program and use it to score my son's LL and AAU ball games." - Thanks  M. Skelton

"I have used your software for years and I bought this new version at Christmas last year. I think it's great stuff and recommend it to all the softball teams I know." - J. Stottlemyer

"I love your product. I have Turbo Stats and Score Keeper for the Palm.  It works great." -J. Cleem

"Hi,  I already have turbostats and turbo score for my computer I also have your basketball program. Love all of them. Thinking about buying a palm to score games instead of my laptop. Do I have to purchase the palm version or Can I download it. Please let me know." Thanks K. Alexander

"Hey! I've been using the baseball version for the last three years, and it's been great. When are you going to have a hockey version for Turbostats? As popular as hockey is here in Michigan, I see a great need for it here." - R. R Cesario

"I am coaching an Baseball Team in Norway and I've come across your software. Great stuff.. Can I order one of these???  If so Id like to order a Proseries to $99.95. Your software makes it all very easy to keep track of things"  -Thor Richard Klingen

"P.S. I love the program and use it on my Palm Pilot all the time" - B. Moore

"Many people are amazed with the Scorekeeper Palm at games. Our 12U team just purchased their own. Keep up the progress." -H. Bills 14U Maddogs

"I have had three versions of your software and they have been great."   C.J. Raut Essex Baseball Club

"I recently purchased TurboStats (ProSeries) and ScoreKeeper. I scored the
first game of our team and everything works great!" - J. Mueller

"Regards From Switzerland.  P.S. Turbo Stats is the best!!!" - Mark

"I have the original 4.0 version for baseball and softball. I purchased it in 1995 and have been living overseas. It has worked great for my little league teams and my adult softball league. I have now returned to the states and want to upgrade." - J. L. Boulware

"Thank you for getting the password to me so quickly. I love the program and am enjoying the inputting--and the knowledge I've accumulated about the game in the process." -  J. Van Cleave

"I have used the program to score several practice games and like it alot. It has saved me alot of time so far, and I suspect that I am just scratching the surface.   Thanks again for your help." -J. McGough

"Greetings:  I have been using Turbo Stats and Scorekeeper for a few weeks and love both products." - P. Topham

"Been using the software for 2 seasons and it's great!" - S. J. Garrard

"Love the product. Saves me untold hours of cross footing and calculating stats. I actually get some sleep now on game nights." -Paul

"I have tried your product and like it a great deal. I am planning on purchasing the TurboStats 8.0 for my PC and the Scorekeeper product for my Palm Pilot." - V. Smith

"I have used TurboStats for several years and I think it is GREAT." - H. Springer

"I use turbostats and scorekeeper to track stats for our asa softball team and I am very happy with the programs." -J. Lower Jr.

"I cant wait to get my hands on it. I have looked for several years for a Program that I liked.  By the looks of yours I will love it. Great Job!!" - Mary

"I love the software and have been responsible for at lease 4 other ASA teams in my area purchasing the product. Thanks" - W. Harirs

"I have thoroughly enjoyed this program this season, easy to use and fast, efficient entering system...  " J. Hennig

"Thanks for your response. Love the program and haven't had a game yet but it sure looks like the
program i needed" - E. Phillips

"First let me commend you for an outstanding program. The information compiled by merely keeping score is incredable. I really enjoy keeping the score on the palm pilot and seeing the results from importing the data." -J. T. O'Brien

"I received my turbostats and palm pilot and absolutely love it!! This will save so much time and aggrevation." -M. Posey Head Baseball Coach

"I submitted my credit card and the serial number.. Thanks don! The program is the best!  Regards" - R. Puskar

"I bought turbostats version 5.0 for basketball last fall and enjoyed using it during the season." -A. Snead

"I work at Southwest High School in Ft. Worth, TX and I also use turbostats for softball. It's great and I have not found another program that is better and easier to use than this one...Thank you for your help and I loved using this program." - A. Corum

"Two weeks ago our school, Rangely High School, purchased your program for our basketball team. It is working great." - Kurt Douglas

"Hi- Thanks for the reply. I've enjoyed the software. I've seen some other packages but they don't compare. Have a good weekend." -M. Thompson

"Dear Sir, I am a very satisfied user of your Turbostats 5 for Basketball (the Professional Series). This spring I will be coaching baseball at our school and I would like to know if there is any discount available to me for the baseball module since I am a registered Turbostats Pro user for Basketball." - D. Yates

"Hi, I recently purchased your basketball software and I enjoy it very much. I just entered in all of my players and then did all of my plays on the play book.." - J. Buffetta

"I just got the Turbostats and Scorekeeper programs. I loaded Turbostats on my Macintosh G3 (beige) in the Virtual PC enviroment with Windows 98. It works great." - K. Champagne

"I having been using Turbostats this season for a semi pro football team. First off I would like to say that I absolutely love it" - Jon

"I am using the current releases of Turbostats and Scorekeeper. Great stuff. In particular, Scorekeeper has been the object of great interest among the coaches in the league." -S. Holmes

"I purchased the Turbostat program over 5 years ago. I have found it to be an excellent stat maker for Baseball. I used it for Little League Baseball" - S. Hadwin

"You guys have been busy! I have version 5.0 baseball/softball (really like it, by the way). Some of the new features of 8.0 would be very useful." - D. Robinson

"Re: What's the best Stat Software?   
Jerry - Our scorekeeper used TurboStats last summer and had no problem with it. This year we will most likely use the ScoreKeeper Palm software to do in-game scoring. I downloaded the demo version and it works great. Palm can be synced with TurboStats between games to backup and update stats, etc. TurboStats 8.0 was released last month and Scorekeeper is at version 4.0. Both are available at http://www.turbostats.com Regards" - J. Sabo

"Love your program it is exactly what I need." - M. Bergstrom

"Dear Sir: I have the Turbostats basketball version 2.0. I purchased the edition on 03/21/96. I love it and have been using it for my basketball teams (Freshman, Jr. Varsity and Varsity) ever since."

"It is an excellent program" - E. Rogers

"Dear Sir, I have been using Turbo Stats for Baseball for a few years. I beleive it is the best out. I coach Ice Hockey and would like to know if there will be an Ice Hockey Stat program available. Thank You" - T. Danko

"Thank you very much for your response. You answered all my questions very well and I appreciate that." Sincerely, -E. Trudo

"1999 was my first year using TurboStats. I had been a faithful ????-Trak user, but not anymore. The Pro-Series software coupled with the Palm Pilot software made scorekeeping for our Pony Travel team and our Jr. High Baseball team a snap. The reporting available to the coaches is unparalleled. This is a wonderful product!" -Rob Walters

"Just took it (TurboStats for Baseball 7.0) out of the box and WOW! I know I'm going to like all the bells and whistles" -A. Francis

"I have been using Turbo Stats since 1996.   I used to sit for hours making painstaking macros with Lotus to do 1/1000 of what this program does. Nothing like it." - J. Rowley

"I know there are several other scorekeeping programs out there, but I have not heard the positive feedback on any of them like I have heard about Turbostats." - C. Hughes

"No coach should be without the TurboStats program. If you think you know your players, you should think again. TurboStats presents you with the unbiased raw facts a coach needs to put their best players out there. When questions arise about the decisions I make, I now have statistical summaries to validate everything I do. If you don't have it and are using something else, you're wasting your time - get TurboStats" - Trini Guillen, Varsity Softball Coach - Edward Reed High School

"To whom it may concern: I am a two year users of your software and am very impressed with the amount of information I am able to track. I also like the ability to export my reports.  This feature allows me to customize my reports."  - S. Richardson

"Thanks for your help. The software is awesome. I'm using it in conjunction with Scorekeeper for the Palm Pilot and at the
last two tournaments, people are coming up to us all of the time to get a look at the "system". - D. Joynt

"By the way, I have really liked the product. It beats the heck out of the spread sheets I used to use!"-T Dillow

"I used Turbostats and Scorekeeper for the entire season and they worked great." - T. Napier

"Thanks for the great product.  I have done reseach on most all the programs and yours stands out as the best all around by far." -D. Schruth

"First let me say I love the Program...My softball team has never been happier" - F. Sabler re baseball /softball ver 7.0g ProSeries

"Your software program-Turbo Stats for softball has really impressed the league I'm in. My own team went undefeated for the season winning 15 straight!!! I have to give part of the credit to Turbostats for keeping all coaches, players and their parents accurately informed of our strengths and weaknesses." -M. Peraza

"The people I know who use ScoreKeeper regularly really like it, and I have had a chance to play with it on their machine too. It looks really good!" - I. Marksbury

"TurboStats for Football is very easy to use and good coverage for all possible stats." -P. Koski

"I purchased Turbostats for Football last year and I love it." - D. Thomas

"I don't know if it would be of interest to you or not, I am using the Turbostat with the De La Salle HS basketball program which is a pretty high profile program in this part of the country. The team is ranked 1st in Northern California and should compete for the state championship in March. De La Salle is better known for their football program which has a 100 game win streak which has been well publicized. Thanks again for your help." -D. Cashman

"I am a registered user of Turbostats 6.0, Baseball & Softball Plus Situation Animation. I bought the Pro version.  I love the program ... Thanks for a great product" -D. St. Clair

"I downloaded your Score Keeper Palm software and it is great. I actually tried it out during the World Series, keeping stats on the game and downloaded the info into TurboStats. Not one error. I am looking forward to getting the complete version and using the software this season." - B. Thomas  Princeton Day School

"Thanks for the personal note sent along with my new password for Volleyball Stats. Our high school head coach and I are looking forward to using the program.  I have been using the softball version for 3 years now, and couldn't be happier with it. It seems that I learn something new about the program every time I use it, and it just keeps getting easier. Thanks for a great product, excellent service, and timely responses to inquiries." - J. Fletcher

"I have been using Turbostats v.6.0 for Windows95 for a couple of years. I would like to tell you that I really like this product very much. "- M Robinson

"Congratulations !!! I'm really enjoying with the new version of Basketball Turbostats ! And Congratulations Twice: TurboStats is the official Stats Program of the recent Israeli 1999 Champion: Macabi Tel Aviv, the team for which I work as Scouter and Game Analizer !!! - R Azar

"This is my second full year using TurboStats. It is WONDERFUL.", R. Cantisano- Ramsey High School

"I have found the Scorekeeper program to be a tremendous help and timesaver." - B. Beck, Head Softball Coach- Seneca Township High School

"It really is amazing what we are able to track with "scorekeeper" and the palm pilot. You have saved me hours and hours of hand editting and entering of team data; that for the most part was at best 70% of what your software is able to track. Thanx again for a fantastic product."- D. Lindsey -The Olathe Angels

"I have used TurboStats for about three years and absolutly love it." -Q. Minton

"I purchased scorekeeper and turbostats . Think it is a great aid in managing my softball team and son's little league. "-M. Buckley

"I purchased a program from you two or three years ago for high school basketball and dearly love it." -Coach Lasley at Marmaton Valley High School

"I have enjoyed using your TurboStats, and the teams have enjoyed the results that we get from them. I am looking forward to having the fielding stats as well. Thank you again for your help and assistance with this and I am looking forward to receiving the upgrade for my TurboStats. Sincerely"-  D. Nix

"You were right, I am thrilled with the Scorekeeper program for the PalmPilot (III) and the Complete version of TurboStats." - C. Coombs

"We love your software and everybody is eager to see how they are doing. We are 4-1 this year. Thanks again for a neat tool." -M. Wells

"Dear Sir: I purchased your Turbo Stats 4.0 program about 2 years ago and love it!!" -Coach T. Duez

"I very recently registered your program for baseball and I am greatly enjoying it" - G. Tuetken

"PS. I think this product is great, and would be pleased to endorse it for you!" -M. Coletti -San Jose Pacific Pony Baseball

"I have been using your program for about a year now and have found it truly excellent"-M. Holman

"Congratulations on having the best software for its purpose (baseball statistics). Turbostats is the easiest and most straight forward software I have ever used."  J. Skoczlas

"Purchased Turbostats last year and loved it during our high school season."-Coach Duez

"Two words- THE BEST !!!!!!!" - S. Jackson

"We just finished our State Tournament and I noticed a coach on the other (unfortunately winning) team tapping this little calculator thing. From my brief conversation with him I was able to get enough information about the system he was using to find your web page. Again I am excited. I most certainly will be purchasing your most updated software for the next season. " - D. Milner

I have used your TurboStats Basketball and Baseball and loved the ease of use and auto setup." - E. Blanchette

"I've been using your software for some years and will agree with everyone else. TurboStats is the best around."- B. Rutherford

"Thank you for the great support. I really like your software. I use it here for football and baseball." J. F. Meyers-Detroit Country Day School

"Hi guys. I just downloaded your football demo version, and I'm really impressed" -T. Dillow

"I used Turbostats for the first time last season and was extremely pleased!   I am pleased to see it can be adapted to Palmcorder! As a rookie, last year I was really impressed- I was able to use your system
more than adequately and parents were thrilled with the quality of our stats! Keep up the good work! I am referring friends to your site on the Web!" - R. Anderson, NCCP Level II Coach

"Love the product (Turbostats ver7.0). I would like to upgrade to the pro series asap!"

"Also wanted to let you know that I was able to score my son's game and upload into TurboStats without a problem. It's great and I'm sold! Now to get the rest of the league interested for next season. Regards " P. Powers

"Dear TurboStats, I have used TurboStats for a year and a half. It has been a tremendous help to me in tracking stats for my travel team. Thank you for an excellent product." - B. Gillespie

"I am using Scorekeeper and syncing to Turbostat very successfully and enjoying it. " L. Hess

"We downloaded the trial version of the product and used it over the weekend, it's terrific!!" Jack

"I have been using turbostats for 2 years and enjoy it thoroughly...as a HS baseball coach it has been invaluable. Thank you" - B. Brewster

"We enjoyed your software last season for our church." Thank you. M. Wells

"I recently purchased TurboStats 7.0 ProSeries and Scorekeeper for my Palm IIIx. This was to keep the stats for my team. I gave the other teams a demonstration and they got so excited they volunteered me to track the stats of the league, using ScoreKeeper to score the games... Thanks" -M. Derks

"I have used your software for about 3 years. I really LOVE it." - S.Joubert

"I am really enjoying the use of the Score Keeper and TurboStats combination. Great programs! ... I plan on purchasing the basketball (and possibly volleyball for my daughter) programs next." -C. Hill

"I love the Palm Pilot scoring....people crowd around me at games wanting to know what it is...the ability to instantly see where on the field batters have previously hit, and to monitor pitcher's pitch counts and other stats is really great" - B. Moore

"I really have enjoyed the program and Coach Blevins (Bearden, High School, Lady Bulldogs Softball) has liked having the stats I give him. I maintain 2 web sites as well, one for the Lady Bulldogs and one for the Knoxville Lady Braves Summer Travel team. It is easy to export the stats to an HTML file and then upload them to the site. I am planning on upgrading to version 7 in the near future" - C. Reynolds

"The program is so rich in capabilities" -B. Cottingham

"Thanks, you people and your company are just too good to be true, you have helped me in the past and you always keep me updated, although I cannot hear your voice both times I have talked to anyone with your company, your words come though so pleasent and warm, and you have never made me feel like a dummy on things I couldnt figure out. YOU and your company are the BEST, THE GREATEST, thanks for the warm wishes and best of luck for continued success to you and your comany. Thanks" - J Knight

"I downloaded both pieces of software from your website. Everything went smooth. It's a pleasure doing business with you guys.....you make it easy and the software works great. Please forward my license key back to me via email. Thanks!!" - R. Dudzinski

"I have Turbostats for Windows 3.1 installed on a 486 machine - and have loved it for more than two years now." -J. Cotter

"We love the 5.0 version It makes stats so much easier and we are ready the get the new version! It looks great! I'm look forward to you response!"  -Cheryl Smith

"I am using Turbo stats 7.0 for Baseball for the first time. for the most part I find it intuitive and easy."- S. Mignano

"Hello, I am now the Athletic Director for Fillmore HS. I just ordered you Pro Series ver 7 for Baseball.  If I upgrade to Basketball, how much would this be. We used your material a year ago. This year a sponsor obtained A?? Basketball Coach...we are not impressed...I would like to go back to Turbo Stats. Can you respond. Thank you" - C. Cone


"We've appreciated your program all season long, our team (Glenelg H.S.Md, Girls) are 22-1, and getting ready for the regional semifinals -and (hopefully) moving on to MD state tournament. At least, turbostats made the stats part easy. Thanks" - Sandy

"Very pleased with your product, have been coaching and keeping stats for about 17 years started computerizing them about 7 years ago, and have used many different progams have used yours the longest with the most effective results." - J Knight

"Thank you again for producing a great piece of software."  - Trini Guillen

"I've been trialing the Scorekeeper product on my Palm III and am very very impressed".- Jeff

"So far I love the program and the palm pilot." - Regards, J. Potter

"Dear Turbostats, I have had your software four two years now and love it."

"I have been a faithful customer since first finding your product a couple years ago. I first purchased Ver. 5.0, and then last year purchased Ver. 6.0. I have enjoyed your product very much, and appreciate the work that you put into it." -B. Bennett

"Hello,  I ordered the TURBOSTATS 7.0 for my Baseball team and I have never been so happy to see such a software on the market. This has made my life so much easier. I will now be able to Manage my team the way it should be. I have close interpersonal friends within the MLS and the NFL. I will highly recommend your Company to them. Keep up the good work. Thank You, G. P. Winfrey"

"I Used Turbostats last year (Buckeye High School-100507) and loved it. Thanks so much" - T. Keith-Head Baseball Coach

"I have version 4.0 for Basketball.  It is the best coaching aid I have bought in 10 years."

"Don, get some sleep!! 11:54 pm and still working. Sounds like me and my passion for my scorekeeping. Thank you for your attention to my items and your personal service. That is why I selected Turbostats.I look forward to your upgrades." - Sincerely, Richard

"I have turbostats for softball and I have really enjoyed it. My daughters are also playing volleyball and was wondering if this might be helpful for the coach. I also use scoreit and keep the stats for the softball team, at the game, on my laptop." - Janet

"Dear Sirs: I have used your product during basketball season the past two years. It is an outstanding product and definitely makes life as a coach a lot easier....Thank you for a fine product" - Murray Dennis,Head Basketball Coach -Trenton High School

"I am taking the time to write all of this because I am very happy with TurboStats and TurboScore. They are GREAT! Easy to use, don't take much memory and produce very sharp, professional looking reports."

"I have purchased Turbo Stats for Windows, Baseball & Softball Version 5.0.  I have used it for the past two seasons and it has worked great" - Gordh

"Dear Sirs, Last year we purchased TurboStats for Basketball and used the program and we have been very happy with it in all aspects."

"Hi, I have 6.0 ,How do I upgrade to 7.0? ... I love your baseball programs.  Thank you" - MATT

"Hi Guys, Your Baseball 6.0 has produced another great tool for our team. We captured the AAA County title again in Maryland. I must give part of the credit to your program. It has enabled us to track our players with the utmost ease. Your software, in my opinion, is the best out there. Keep up the fantastic work.  Again, great package. We are going to use it in Cooperstown, N.Y. Tourney. - Sincerely, Coach Lou Murray Laurel Wildcats Baseball. 1997 & 1998 AAA County Champions"

"Sirs,  We are a Junior High School in WV. We have downloaded your BB program and like it very much. It is time for us to order it, and register. Is it possible for us to call you with a PO# and you bill us?"  - Richwood Junior High School

"I have posted the Stats (using HTML export) for the Lady Braves via the web site and will soon post the Lady Bulldogs stats on their web site. Thank you again! I have used Turbo Stats for the last three seasons and really felt the upgrade for ver.6 was tremendous." -Claude Reynolds

"Just got the disc and got it on computer. It sure seems easy to use. Thanks"

"I am high school girls basketball coach in Ohio. I have heard nothing but good things about your software and you come highly recommended."

"I down loaded from your web page the TurboStats baseball statistics segment and was impressed by the program."

I am very happy with the program (TurboStats for Volleyball) and it has been very easy to use. - Marsha Jackson -Maranatha Baptist Bible College

"Your program is outstanding in every way and our coaches love it !"

"The coach is already impressed with me because of it (TurboStats). I had to admit that it was the program that was brilliant, not me! -Donna"

"Keep up the good work on the best statistics program available to coaches today. Take care." - Jamie

"I am currently a Graduate student conducting research for my final. I am gathering information for my paper about the growth of youth and amateur sports in the United States and Canada. I understand that your Turbostats product is popular among "serious" sports participants and parents. I was told that your products are the most popular among software products used in amateur sports....I looked at your software and it looks very good. I have a friend who uses it for her softball team."  -John Specter

"I ordered your basketball 4.0 ProSeries last week and will be reccommending it to the Athletic Director at Fairfield Local High School in Leesburg, Ohio. I am the President of the Athletic Boosters and would be interest in purchasing four to six copies of the Basketball 4.0 Proseries software."

"I would like to say, your Turbostats software, which I have been using now for 4 or 5 years, is by far the best software on tha market. It has not only made keeping stats easier, the organization of the the information on each player has been helpful for recruiting. I have been able to use the summary statistics as part of the portfolios for those players who are trying to play in college. Each of your upgrades makes the software better and better. I also intend using the the TurboScore software. The program is so easy, our managers actually enjoy doing the statistics. Thanks for a great tool! "-Bob Thomas Head Varsity Baseball Coach, Princeton Day School

"My wife is a CPA and your software is a hit with her"

"I simply don't believe there is a better baseball statistics tracking program out there and I will not recommend any other package but TurboStats."

"I have used turbo for a while now and I love it."

"Dear Sir: ... Love your program!!"

"I use your TurboStats program--and love it. (ProSeries for Baseball 6.0)"

" I purchased TS Complete for baseball/softball on 4/12 97 (V 5.0). Love the program, works excellent!"

"I downloaded your baseball, basketball, and soccer packages several weeks ago and have been playing with them ever since. I must say that they are very neat programs. Much easier and descriptive then my Excel spread sheets."

"Still the best stats program on the market! Thx."

"Great products!!! Great price!!! Great deal!!! Will save us a lot of time!"

"I purchased the Pro Series for Baseball last year.  I used this to track a freshman high school team's stats.  The coach was needless to say, very impressed and mentioned he had seen this product at a coaching conference and clinic."

"I am a registered user and have been using the program for two years. I have told many people about Turbostats and hope I have convinced others to use your program. It's great. Thanks, Richard."

"I love your program - it is providing a lot of truly valuable information for the two teams I am involved with.  Don't you guys ever sleep?"

"By the way, I feel this is a great program your company has; it has saved me oodles of time!"

"Thank you for such a timesaving and great product!"

"I have been using your products since version 3.0 and have always found it to be great help."

"Thank you and thanks for a such a great product!!  I am now now a rabid fan and look forward to continuing upgrades . . . "

" I have been asked to give a presentation at our State High School Coaches Convention, to be held July 27-28 at my school West Fargo High School. The topic of my presentation is to be Volleyball Statistical software packages currently available.  I have tried your demo on the net and I believe it is a very powerful package.....I thank you for your time and I do believe you have an excellent product"

"Thanks, we use the program religiously and really like it. "

"I own TurboStats and I think it is GREAT -- VERY easy to enter in all the information and print the reports.... Great Job !!!"

"I purchased Turbostats version 5.0g last spring. I think the software is great and the players on the softball team like having the infomation updated for them. Thanks for your work."

"I bought the Turbostats program in 1995 or 1996. I love the program!!!! ..... Turbostats was a blessing to me because all I had to do was enter the information!!!"

"Using Turbo-stats has been great and several coaches have purchased the product (including the Varsity coach at Ramsey High School). Overall the product has been great. Thanks. Rich"

"Thank you very much for confirming my order for TurboStats. I am enjoying using your product. It makes running a softball team alot easier. "

"I downloaded Turbo-Stats 6.0 for baseball.  It is the finest and easiest stat program I have ever used.  I will be sending you my order shortly so I can keep track of my team and the rest of our leagues."

"Recently I made the download of the software " Turbostats Basketball " and among others, I chose this for best to assist my needs."

"Thanks a million. I'll sing your company's praises to others."

"I told my wife that I was interested in purchasing TURBOSTATS because last lear I downloaded a trial offer and it worked so well with my 8 year old all-star traveling Little League team. I have been a manager/coach for about five years and this was by far the best product that I have seen/used/heard of."

"I used one of your competitors last year, and was not pleased with the available reports."

"You guys have the best software program on the market for tracking stats. I first started with your 5.0 version and have upgraded to the latest version, 6.0. This new product is fantastic. All my assistant coaches think it's the best. Keep up the good work.  You continue to prove who has the best software with your latest version"

"I've been using your software since 3/30/98, and I really enjoy it"

"I currently have TurboStat For Baseball Ver 4.0e Complete and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Your new ver looks like it has a lot of interesting features."

"I am currently a registered user with Turbostats version 6.0 which I recently purchased a month or so ago. I am very pleased with it by the way! "

"TurboStats is a great program. I've used it for the past two years and everybody enjoys it. I'll check out the new version. Again, I appreciate your help and especially how quickly TurboStats responded to my request. You've got a customer for life."

"We are using Scoreit v2.26 and TurboStats 6.0 both for baseball, and we're enjoying them greatly!!!"

"I downloaded turbostats 2 years ago, and was so pleased with it that I called and bought it."

"Comment; I think it's a great program. I worked with the fellow last year, posting stats etc."

"I am a recently registered user of ver. 6.0 for Baseball, and so far it's great !!!"

"I bought turbostats last year from you guys and simply loved it, I use it for my little league team and they loved it to."

"To Whom It May Concern: I'm a Turbostats user, and loving evey minute of it. I have the Version 4.0 and am interested in upgrading to your new Version 6.0"

"Your program is GREAT!"

"I love TurboStats.Thanks Curtis Lemieux"

" have used your TurboStats 5.0 for a couple of season and have loved it."

"This is an excellent program! I have looked at 6.0 on your home page. Looks great!"

"I really like your software,  Its a great help to all coaches"

"We purchased baseball 5.0 in 1997....We would also like to let you know how great we think the program is!"

".I started with Turbostats 4.0 several years ago and have since moved on to 5.0 Complete. I love the program and am extremely excited about the new version. Keep up the good work!!"

"I am the head football coach at Hayfield High School in Hayfield, Minnesota and I am in dire need of a solid stats keeping system. I've looked over your Turbo Stats for Football and it looks great!"

"Thank you for your promptness both in answering my questions and in processing my order. I look forward to using the new v6.0 ProSeries for baseball, if it works only half as well as v5.0 did it will be a hit! Many thanks!"

"This is truly a great stat program. I will promote more sales on your products in my area for you. Thank again"

"Thank you for having such a fine product. It has helped me over the years."

"I recently recommended Turbostats 6.0 to a fellow coach. I am very happy with your product for baseball. Keep up the good work."

"I love TurboStats for Football very much, I have recomended this program to other youth football teams and gave them your address for their information and hope they will try turbostats in their league."

"Thank you for what looks to be great a product!! I'm looking forward to using it."

"P.S. I've mentioned how happy I am with the program to about 3 dozen coaches. Hope it helps."

"I appreciate your business, and think that you guys make a great product. I'll keep watching for your upcoming products! "

"You folks continue to amaze me! TurboStats 5.0 was great. I expect 6.0 to be even greater. "

"Attached is a check for TurboStats Soccer Version.  Thanks for a great product! I looked at a ton of programs but this one is the easiest to use by far Ryan Hale  Paulding County High School"

"We purchased you turbostats for windows basketball version. ver 3.oh complete
copy right(c) 1994-1996. We like the program very much, it has everything we need."

"Thanks very much. Looks like a great program for our high school baseball program. Thanks."

"I again want to commend you on a wonderful product. I hope you do very well with it." ( version 6.0 )

"We just recently bought your turbostats volleyball version program. We are very pleased with it"

"I have downloaded the trial version of Turbostats and I like what I got, so I would like to order."

"Here is my order for the TurboStats basketball software.  I purchased and used the TurboStats software for football this season, it was great!  I also plan to order and use the baseball stat software as well."

"Our basketball program just purchased your stat program recently and we are very pleased with it."

"Hi, I bought a copy of turbostats for baseball for this past summer season and it was great!"

"I purchased your Turbostats for softball/baseball last spring and it was tremendous! Do you plan to offer, or do you know of any company that currently offers, a software progrm for hockey stats?"

"I Request an upgrade to version 5.0  I think your program is Great !"

"Greetings from New Mexico! For 2 softball seasons, I have enjoyed using Turbostats 4.0."

"Using Turbostats for Basketball during the game has been a welcome addition to the coaching staff's pregame, half-time and postgame counseling to the players and for media information. Within moments following half-time and postgame, the coach has stats that even the local newspapers use in preparation of their columns and stat pages."

"Again, thanks for TurboStats. It is a tremendous asset compared to the ole pencil and paper stat sheets we used prior to TurboStats"

"I have used TurboStats for basketball for the past two seasons and now beginning my third year and have enjoyed them very much!"

"By the way I believe you have the best program going !"

"I purchased one of your programs this past early spring. I think it is the best stat tracking program going... keep it up. "

"I am a very happy registered owner of turbostats V4 and would like to upgrade for our coming season (starting in a couple of weeks)."

"I have used the new version of Volleyball (beta1.b) and I really like it..... You guys really did a nice job on this program, I can't wait to use it this club season."

"We used your product live during the match.  Overall TurboStats for Volleyball worked great, and a lot of other coaches were very intrigued by your product.

"Because of the quality of your baseball & basketball programs I am sending a money order for the soccer stats....Thanks again for the quality of your product."

"Thanks again for you great technical support:  Just today YOUR GREAT PROGRAM for basketball gave the first REPORT of the PRE SEASON"

"Turbostats, I would like to start off by saying how much I enjoy TurboStats. I have used your baseball, basketball, and football programs and really do think they are the best I have ever seen." -  Coach at  Normal Community High School

"The C.I.S. Today is proud to have TURBOSTATS as our official stats program for the Independent Schools in the Two-Carolinas. The ease of the program (s), and the outstanding efforts of the technical staff - when we do have a problem - is outstanding. Our Football and Basketball players will benefit greatly."

"To Whomever may read this, Thank you for making the Turbostats software package. I think it is the best stats program that I have seen.(Certainly for the price!) My teammates and I just love all the different stats that this thing comes up with. "Thank you for putting such a great product out on the market!" - Head Women's Basketball Coach San Jacinto College

"What a great program with super added features. Keep up the good work"  -Fairview Cardinals Girls 18 & U Fast Pitch Tournament Team.  1997 PSF State Champions

"I am really enjoying Turbo Stats 5.0A Professional Version...it is definitely a complete stats program......Thank you for your great software and hard work"

"We have had a link to your web site for two seasons now. Everyone in our league has been buying your product! Thanks for the upgrade you sent me! All the parents tell me they access your product from a link from our web page!"

"I reviewed several scouting softwares and positioned TurboStats  for Football in1st place for its usability and functionality."

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"I purchased and used TurboStats 'Complete for Baseball/Softball' for an entire season and it proved to be well worth the money.   I am now tracking a 3rd season. I have found many things that I would have otherwise overlooked. For example, I found on one particular player that she put the ball in play 20 times and was thrown out 17. We opened her stance and she began hitting the ball through gaps. I now track 'putting the ball in play' as a batting stat. Although she had a low batting average, she was seeing and contacting the ball. I handed out stats after every 3rd game or tourney and we all went over them. The players as well as the parents always looked forward to looking at and discussing stats. I've told other coaches about it. I've shown others the product and reports from the product. And many have shown interest in purchasing it. Now I'm trying to justify a laptop so I can order Turbo Score and get rid of the spiral bound book and not have to try to read my (or worse someone else's) scratched out attempt at keeping score. This is one of the few programs I enjoy using! I test mainframe software as a profession and I typically don't like to spend much 'down time' on the computer. This program is the exception. It is easy to use and I have found very few problems or questionable items. Keep up the good work"

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