How to Download Programs and Updates
1. Press Download Now to start the download
2. When prompted press [ RUN ] or use SAVE and then run the download later
3. Depending on your security options you might have to approve the download
4. Press [ SETUP ] when the WinZip Self Extractor screen appears to install
5. Press [ Next ] to install TurboStats Evolution onto your computer
6. Right Click (or tap and hold) on Basketball icon and choose RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR
7. Press [ User Guides ] to view the documentation. 
We recommend you view the Live Scoring Guide first
Try TurboStats Free for your first 2 games . If you purchase, you can continue using your existing data and a password will be provided to unlock your trial. If you have any questions contact us at evolution@turbostats.com


STEP 1: << Press Download Now to get started
STEP 2:  Choose [ Run ] when prompted  (this could look different on your version of Windows)
  Do you want to run or save ????.exe  from turbostats.com?




    You may have to press [ ACTIONS ] if you get a message that this file may harm your computer
If your browser runs security essentials you may see this screen
Windows protected your PC
Windows SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk

More info    << PRESS More info to see the choices below


Publisher: Unknown Publisher
App: evo9.exe
 PRESS Run anyway >>

Run anyway

Don't Run

STEP 3: Press [ Yes ] to approve of the download

User Account Control

Do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes to this computer?

  Program name: evo9.exe
Publisher: Unknown
Show Details



STEP 4: Press [ Setup ] to unzip Programs, or [Unzip] to unzip Updates

if you are installing an Update skip steps 5 and 6

STEP 5: Press [ Next ] to install TurboStats Evolution on your computer
STEP 6: Right click (or tap and hold) and choose "Run as Administrator"
this only needs to be done the first time you run TurboStats on your computer
STEP 7: Press [ User Guides ] To view the documentation or visit  User Guides