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Key Features

You Set the Selection Criteria

You Set the Order the Positions are Filled

Use Current or Career Stats

Customized Lineup Cards and Computerized Batting Orders  
Create the perfect lineup...

Finally there is a tool that thinks like you do. TurboStats computerized batting order maker allows you to customize the way it selects your order. Set a player to any position or set a selection criteria like Highest Avg. Use your current season or career data. Some coaches set their first five players and let TurboStats pick the rest.  Others rely on TurboStats to set their entire lineup.  Even if you choose not to use it every game, it's great to help you get out of a slump.

baseorde.gif (12759 bytes) Set your own custom criteria

Supports up to 12 Starters

Use Calculations or Manually set any player in any lineup order slot

Transfers lineup to the New Lineup Card Creator for customization and adding bench players

Positions automatically fill in based on Drag-n-Drop Fielding Screen

Save Multiple Cards
Supports Drag-n-Drop on the card and from the TurboStats field layout and team list All Graphics and Text can be edited and saved with each card. All fonts and alignments can be saved. Create and use your own logo
Automatically open last saved card Automatically creates the "Also Eligible" Column based on stored values in the Team Roster.  Also Eligible can be edited to "Sub" or any other heading you prefer
Print Preview  Support multiple printing options including 1up, 2up, Landscape 2up, Landscape Legal Size 3up, Dugout card

Tap the Computerized Order button to automatically create your lineup.


View Fielding Diagrams ( PDF)

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View Multi Inning Lineup Card (PDF)

Print Your Game Plan on One Sheet of Paper. Great for Youth Leagues and Practice Games!

View Landscape 2up ( PDF) version

View Dugout Card ( PDF)

Automatically Fills in the Pitching/Hitting subs

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