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Key Features

Unlimited Years

Import From Previous Year or Just Enter Totals

Automatically Updated after Each Game

Print or Plot Career Stats

Visible in Lineup Mode

Use Data From Other Stat Programs

Sort by Career Leaders

Career Stats Instantly updated after each game...
Now you can track your players career totals as you enter game data.  Just enter your players summary stats from previous years and TurboStats will automatically calculate the career totals for you.  You can even print or plot any career stats and view the career information while you make your batting lineups. There is simply no easier way to track your player history.

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  • Unlimited number of years for player history
  • Just enter totals for each previous year
  • Automatically updated each season
  • Automatically calculated after each game
  • Print or plot any player career stats
  • Visible in lineup mode to assist you in creating batting orders
  • Use data from any other statistic program or spreadsheets

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