TurboStats for Volleyball 2.0

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  •  Two ways to score

  • Score Live on any Windows tablet, laptop, ultrabook, netbook or desktop PC

  • Enter Data Post Game from Score Sheets in minutes

  • Track Unlimited Teams and up to 100 Players per team

  • Enter Unlimited Matches

  • Print Lineup Cards 

  • Rally Point Scoring

  • Game Mode Scoring automatically updates scores, rotations and allows one click scoring

  • Conference vs. Non-Conference

Shown on the 8" Dell Venue Pro (approx $225)
(screen magnification set at 175%)
  • Tracks over 50 different statistics

  • Tracks stats by Player, Match and Game

  • Tracks rotation and attacks (ProSeries version only)

  • Break down games by Season, Playoff, Tournament, etc. or create your own types

  • Create Player, Team, Game and League Reports

  • Fully customized Stat Headings and Report Titles

  • Sort by any category

  • Set your Stat Order

  • Drag n Drop Court Layout Screen (store 10 different layouts)


New Version 2.0 with Rally Point Scoring

Track statistics for your players by game, rotation and attacks (plays) easily during a live match.  Analyze data instantly and create graphs and statistical charts of any stat. 

Announcing TurboStats 2.0 for Volleyball with complete statistic tracking by game, rotation, and up to 25 different attacks plays (rotation and attack tracking are optional in the ProSeries version). Create unlimited matches, add players to games and just point and click to add player statistics.  Enter games in only a few minutes directly from your score sheets or turn on "Game Mode Scoring" and track the game play by play. Tracks over 50 different statistics including complete opponent's stats.

"I've used many stat programs over the years and your volleyball stat program has been the best." - Mike Vogel, TurboStats user for 5 years


Sample Screens

Drag n Drop Court Layout Screen

 View Statistics during data entry or after the Match

Select any statistical category to plot by Game, Rotation or Attack.

2D/3D Pie, Bar, Line Graphs available.


Select Game, Rotations or Attacks with just one click.

Track, Plot and Rename up to 25 different attack types.  View All Attacks with one click.


Minimum System Requirements:  Runs on laptops, desktops, netbooks and 32-bit tablets (shown below) running Windows 8 32-bit and Windows 7 32-bit. Also runs on Windows 7 Professional 64-bit with "Windows XP Mode" software (you can download from Microsoft for free Click Here to download XP Mode).  Also runs on Windows XP or lower.  Mac users need to purchase Parallels for the Mac to run this program.

NEW! Windows 8 Tablets, Convertibles and Touch Screen Ultrabooks
Score on the Only Tablets Designed for Data Entry
Active Digitizers Blow Away Capacitive Screens Like the iPad for Live Data Entry

Asus Note 8
 8 Inch Screen

Wacom digitizer pen included, stores in tablet


Dell Venue 8 Pro
8 Inch Screen

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also at Walmart Stores

Samsung ATIV 500T
11.6 Inch Screen

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Lenovo Thinkpad 2
10.1 Inch Screen

available at
Amazon $310

Great Choice for a 10 inch screen with pen included

Lenovo Miix 8 in


Low Cost
Light Weight


ONLY! $229 includes high accuracy digitizer pen

ONLY! $199 plus $29 digitizer
8" screen. Digitizer pen option

Starting at $320
CDW price $311 only $199 plus $20 for cover
Pen and Touch Pen and Touch Pen and Touch Pen and Touch Capacitive Pen Only
Rating Excellent Rating Excellent
optional cover & pen
Rating Excellent
optional keyboard avail
Good Reviews
optional keyboard dock
better to have the Dell Venue 8 Pro with digitizer


List Price:  All TurboStats software comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (only if password is not requested or password card is unopened)

$69.95 Standard Version (tracks by game and matches)

$99.95 ProSeries (same as above, plus tracks stats by rotation and attack types)


How to Order:  4 Ways to Order

1. Call us at 1-800-60 STATS (800-607-8287) in the USA or at 1-973-334-7828 

2. Order on-line: Secure!  Electronic Order Form  

3. Fax Order to: (School PO's accepted)

4. Mail your name, address, phone # and check or money order (drawn on a US bank) to:

TurboStats Software - P.O. Box 144, Towaco, NJ 07082

Questions ? Contact support@turbostats.com


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