TurboStats ScoreKeeper 7.1 Upgrade

What's New in 7.1 Edition 
TurboStats ScoreKeeper 7.1 is a Upgrade to a product that was already top rated by PALM 

Pitch chart Mode can be turned on/off with one tap <

  • Export game files by beaming to another PDA or Sending via BlueTooth or Email
  • Option for entering errors on Foul Balls
  • Option for selecting past ball or wild pitch on ON by Dropped third strike
  • Option for On by Sac Bunt (error or fielder's choice)
  • Option to advance runners by Defensive Indifference
  • Option for DP in the fielding positions
  • New Pitch Chart Mode with one click on/off (Pitch Chart Edition only)
  • Supports all existing scoring features in 6.0

Standard Scoring Screen

Pitch Chart Mode

 View Pitching History by Pitcher or Batter


< Tap Arrow

for  >> Pitch Chart Mode

On by Drop 3rd Strike Menu

Error on Foul Ball

View Stats, Spray or ZONE

Beam Game Databases

On by Sac bunt with Error or Fielder's Choice

View Pitches Thrown by Batter

Attention Registered Users:

Upgrade from any existing ScoreKeeper to 7.1 Standard for $30
Upgrade from any existing ScoreKeeper to 7.1 Pitch Chart Edition for $49
Upgrade from  ScoreKeeper to 7.1 Standard to 7.1 Pitch Chart Edition for $30


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