TurboStats ScoreKeeper 6.0 Upgrade

What's New in 6.0  shipping on 2/1/2003   to order see the Online Order Form (upgrade section)

TurboStats ScoreKeeper is a Major Upgrade to a product that was already top rated by PALM 

  • Support for tracking Pitches.  (Type, Location, etc.)
  • Export Spray Chart Data to TurboStats 11.0
  • Automatically creates HTML play by play reports   see sample
  • Improved Lineup entry supports the keyboards and " /"  graffiti symbol for faster data entry
  • Supports "enter lineups as you bat" option
  • Supports all ScoreKeeper 5.0 game files
  • Support Color Palms and Monochrome
  • Supports OS 5.0 (Tungston)
  • Supports all version 5.0 game files

Color Support

Track Pitches and Location

 View Pitching History

Upgrade from existing Scorekeeper 5.0 version for just $29 or Upgrade from Scorekeeper 5.0 and TurboStats 10.0  to 6.0 and 11.0 for just $45   see Online Order Form (upgrade section)

What's was New in 5.0  1/15/2002 

  • Support for an Unlimited Number of Games (limited by your handheld memory only).
  • Support for Unlimited Rosters (no more 20 player maximum)
  • Beam Lineups to other ScoreKeeper Users
  • Full History UNDO remembers all advancing runners
  • Tracks Pitch Sequence  BBSSFFS
  • New fields like Advance on Previous Error, Advance on Throw
  • Spray Chart Breakdowns for Type of Hit/Outs
  • Improved Quick Sub with Names instead of just Uniform Numbers
  • DUE UP give choice for Other Team
  • Game Notes can be edited during Live Game Scoring
  • Improved ScoreBook Page printing (shows how each runner advanced plus Pitching Stats)
  • When Used with TurboStats 10.0 allows Opponents Rosters to be created and uploaded with each game
  • New EDIT command lets you scroll back and change any stat in any inning.

Attention Registered Users:

Upgrade from existing Scorekeeper 4.0 version for just $29 or Upgrade from Scorekeeper 4.0 and TurboStats 9  to 6.0 and 11.0  for just $65   see Online Order Form (upgrade section)

What was new in 4.0...

  • Support for International Tie Breaker Rules.
  • Pinch Runners
  • Pinch Hitters
  • Quick Sub Feature - Makes Lineup Changes a Breeze
  • Scorebook Page Printing
  • Delete Game Button on Main Menu
  • Spray Charts and Stats can be Combined for All Games a Player Played in


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