How to Import Data From Score-It (TurboScore) Into TurboStats

1.A  If you created a team in TurboStats already the press the LINEUP tab.   Setup your field positions and then press the Lineup Card icon that looks like a clipboard.  Select the ScoreIt tab and export a .ROS file for ScoreIt.

B. If you have not entered any information in TurboStats you can just start TurboScore (ScoreIt) and enter your roster there.

2. Follow the instructions in your Score-It manual and track your entire game.


3. Save the game in TurboScore and exit the program

4. Start TurboStats and Open your team file or create a new one. 

5. Make sure you have at least one player added in your TurboStats team roster.

6. Enter the TurboStats Game Form.  Press the [Game] button in the lower right corner

7. Select from the menu  "Games"> "Import Game" > "TurboScore"

8. Move thru the directory tree to locate your Score-It Game file. default directory is   C:\progra~1\scoreit

note: the progra~1 is short for program files directory in Windows 95

9. After you select your .GAM file TurboStats will scan the file and display the game date and opponent. You will be prompted if this is the correct game to import.

10. If you select OK TurboStats will begin reading the file. If the game type ( season, playoffs, etc.) you selected in Score-It does not match any of your current game types you will be prompted to select an existing game type or choose <New> to add a new one.

11. The import filter will search your TurboStats Database for matching player names and if found will add players to the game and automatically save their data. If a player's name does not match the name in the TurboStat's roster you will be prompted with a list of remaining players to choose from. If the player in not currently on your team press <New>

12. Check over the game. Add additional data which was not available in Score-It (see the following list) and then press [Save Game]. If you forgot to add any players to your TurboStats roster then exit the game form and return to the Team Form and add the players. Go back to the Game Form and select the last game. Then import the game again, when asked if you want to create a new game choose [no]. TurboStats will not add players who are already in the existing game and will prompt you to skip all the players who are already added in the game until you get to the players you forgot. TurboStats will automatically add the missing players to the game. Next resave the game.


  1. Make a backup of your team prior to importing games in case you make a major mistake like choosing a game you already imported. To reimport a game you must delete all players from the game using the menu Players > remove from batting order.  Then save the game.  Next import the game again and when asked if you want to create a new game select [NO].
  2. Do not add players into the TurboStats game batting order prior to importing the game from ScoreIt.  If a player is in the batting order already you will have to skip them during the import process. 

Special Notes:

Score-It does not track all the stats that are available in TurboStats. For this reason you will have to manually add a few stats for each player after you import.

Batter (Sac Bunts included in Sac Fly in TurboStats) Pitcher (Balks )
Batter (Hit by Pitch) Pitcher ( Home Runs )
Fielder (Double Plays) Pitcher ( Intentional Walks )
Runner (Picked Off) Pitcher ( Sac Fly and Bunts )
Catcher ( Thrown runner out stealing)  Pitcher ( Wild Pitch )
Catcher ( Stolen base off ), Catcher ( Pass Ball ) Pitcher ( Complete Game ) , Games Started, ( Shut outs )

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